January 20, 2014

Peterson Air Force Base Homebrew Competition 2014 Sponsors

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December 30, 2013

Peterson Air Force Base Homebrew Competition 2014

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The Peterson Air Force Base (AFB) Homebrew competition is an AHA/BJCP sanctioned event

More Info : http://pafb.brewcompetition.com/

More Info concerning entries below.

All entries must be electronically entered at http://pafb.brewcompetition.com/.

Each entry consists of two (2) bottles, entry fee and an entry/recipe form. 

Each bottle must have a bottle ID form attached with rubber bands. 

Bottles must have no labels, or other identifying markings (besides the bottle ID form). 

Entry/recipe and bottle ID forms can be found at these BJCP websites:



November 12, 2013

New Pints Leaderboard Posted

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“Safe Brew” aka John Haven took the lead in Pints.  Nice job, Safe!

Check out the leaderboard here : http://brewbrosco.com/wordpress/pints-program/earned-pints/

October 28, 2013

Black Forest Fire & Rescue Charity

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The Black Forest Fire & Rescue recently gave us a thank you letter for our donation.  Check it out here: Black Forest Fire & Rescue Charity.  Great job BBoPP!

September 16, 2013

A New Brunetti Scholarship Recipient

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Good job Brew Bros!  This is an awesome charity on which we have a direct impact.

In June, 2013, Scott Ketelaar was chosen as the latest recipient of the Nick Brunetti Scholarship Fund.  Below is a letter from Nick’s parents.


Scott Ketelaar was the recipient we chose this yr. to receive Nick’s scholarship. A well deserving young man graduating with honors. Will attend Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall. He has overcome lots of neurological issues since 8th grade. He is paralyzed on his L side and has bilateral hearing loss. He has a very positive attitude and has been interested in computer programming since 8th grade. He has developed many web applications already! Very proud but very sad night as well.

Angelo Brunetti

July 3, 2013

Last Day to Buy Salida Tickets

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Don’t miss the best Brew Bros event of the year!  It’s tradition.  Today is the last day to buy tickets for Salida Homebrewer’s Campout 2013.  If you’re going, buy them now!


More info on the event can be found here: Salida Campout Event


June 23, 2013

El Paso County Fair Homebrew Competition

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El Paso County Fair Homebrew


Entries due: July 18th

Judging: July 20th

Awards after judging at the County Fair

Welcome to the 2nd annual El Paso County Fair Homebrew Competition!  The El Paso County Fair Homebrew competition is an AHA/BJCP sanctioned event.

The following Summer beer styles will be accepted referencing the BJCP Style Guidelines:

1 Light Lager

2 Pils

6 Light Hybrid

10 American Ale

15 German Wheat & Rye

16 Belgian and French

20 Fruit Beer

Entries will be accepted from July 15th-18th.  Register electronically at http://elpasocountyfair.brewcompetition.com/  Only one beer per BJCP subcategory.  The entry fee is $5, make checks payable to “El Paso County Fair”. For each entry, submit 2 bottles with a bottle ID form attached to each by rubber bands.  Bottles should have no labels or other identifying markings aside from the bottle ID form.  ID forms can be printed from the registration website once you’ve registered your beer.

Please note that due to the limited amount of styles, we are capping the competition at 50 entries.

Drop your beer off  from 8 am-4pm, or ship to the Fairgrounds by July 18th.  Drop or Ship to:

Special Events Coordinator

El Paso County Fair and Event Complex

366 10th Street

Calhan, CO 80808

Pikes Peak Brewery in Monument

Old West Brewing Supplies

Judging will take place on July 20th at the fairgrounds and will be in accordance with the BJCP guidelines.

Ribbons will be awarded in each category for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.  Also, there will be a best in show award given out.  The awards will be presented at the Fair on July 20th along with the score sheets.  If you are not present, score sheets will be mailed to you.

Contact Info:  Suzan McCoy (719) 520-7882, Rich Mock (719) 332-8896, Marc Malenfant (719) 495-0716

Email: competitions@bbopp.org

April 21, 2013

Big Brew 2013 – Saturday, May 4th

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Hey everyone it’s that time again!!!  AHA National Homebrew Day!!

So come on out to Pike’s Peak Brewing Co. on May 4th.  We’ll open up the gates at 8:30 AM.

Bring out your equipment and ingredients, PPBC will provide water and electricity.

The recipes look great this year, they are the top three winners from last years ProAm competition at GABF.  You can check them out here   http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pages/events/national-homebrew-day/recipes

If you’re not brewing, just stop by and say hello.

Find out more info about Big Brew Day here: http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pages/events/national-homebrew-day

April 4, 2013

Member Meeting Proposed Agenda – April 2013

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BBoPP Member Meeting Proposed Agenda – April 2013

  • President’s Report

    • Recognize host/sponsor

      • Please buy at least one Great Storm Pint to support our gracious hosts who opened their doors just for us.

    • Welcome New Members

    • Reminder of club services

      • Official JBCP judging for members’ beers

      • Brew Buddy program

      • Reminder to wear name tags

      • Reminder that we have t-shirts & glasses for sale

    • Reminder to pay and fill out membership form.  Roster clean up starts on April 12

  • Membership Report? (Klute)

  • Treasurer’s Report (Landy)

  • Competition Update (Cryptid)

  • Firkin Report (Big Bob)

  • Save your old brewing magazines (Dino)

  • Pints Program Update (Landy)

  • Bulk Buy (Lefty)

  • Event Update

    • Big Brew

    • MeadowGrass

  • Support the raffle.  These are important donations to keep our club functioning.

  • Homebrew Huddle

    • Meetup Hints (Ned)

    • Barrel Aging Beers (Mike Hall)

March 5, 2013

POSTPONED!! March Member Meeting with Chili Potluck coming up!

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UPDATE : POSTPONED!!  The board decided not to take the risk of mixing chili, beer & road conditions.  We’ll plan to move it to Mar. 16th.


Hey there Brew Brothers and Sisters,

We have a fun meeting coming up this Saturday at 56 Ring!  You heard me right, we’re doing a Saturday meeting to change things up a bit.  It’s gets better.  Git yur cookin’ and grubbin’ on with us for a potluck style Chili Fest!!!  Hopefully you can make it.  If you can, please read below for more details on the chili fest.

Notice : There has been a time change so that 56 Ring can accommodate us.  The new time is 3PM.  We decided to postpone until Mar 16th.

Where : 56 Ring

When : New Date, Saturday, March 16th at 3PM

Address : 1733 South Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Food : Chili Fest!  Potluck style.  See below for more info.

Don’t forget:

RAFFLE ITEMS – bring something awesome and help our club raise money! (commercial bombers, kegs, beer schwag, gift certificates, etc.)

CASH – so you can win raffle items (and auction items this month, more below!)

HOMEBREW – bring lots.  We’ll have more time to socialize at this meeting so we need to make sure there’s enough beer to go around.

A SOBER RIDE – if you’re going to enjoy yourself, please arrange responsible travels home.  Find carpools and DDs.

Details on the meeting


  • We are going to have an awesome talk by Axe Brew on Cream Ales.  This guy knows how to brew a killer Cream Ale.  He’ll speak about the style and share all of his secrets on brewing a gold-winning cream ale.  The projector will be working this time!
  • The medal winners of Pete Fest will be announced.
  • We’ll be holding an auction for the leftover swag from Pete Fest.
  • Pints update
  • Competition update
  • More to follow…..

Details on the Chili Fest


  • Michele, aka “Hardly Brew” is organizing the chili fest.
  • Call Michele : 719-330-2144 (or send her an email :huricanem5@msn.com or a message on meetup) if you are bringing anything
  • 3 categories
    • Green chili (with pork)
    • Red chili (with beef)
    • Other (white, chicken, veggie, vegan, etc.)
  • Please bring a crock pot full
  • If you don’t feel like making chili, volunteer to bring an “extra”
    • cheese, sour cream, chopped onions, salsa, chips, side dishes, etc.  Anything that goes well with chili.
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