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Firkin Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do the Brew Brothers or Pikes Peak really own a firkin?

A: No, we own a pin. A pin holds 4.5 Imperial gallons, and a firkin holds 9 Imperial gallons of beer. Why does every one call it a firkin? Cuz it is cool. Next question.

Q: How big is an Imperial gallon?

A: 282 cubic inches of beer. (Our pin holds 5.4 U.S. gallons).

Q: What kind of beer should I put in the firkin:

A: Normally an English Ale but, you are not limited to any one style.

Q: Can I brew a sour beer in the firkin.

A: NO!! You can NOT brew a sour, and if you asked this question, I bet that is how most of your beers turn out. DO NOT put a sour beer in the Brew Brothers firkin. This is known as firking up the firkin. You will be ex-communicated from the Brew Brothers and forced to join the Rock Hoppers for life.

Q: How cold should I serve beer from the firkin?

A: Cellar temp (around 55ºF)

Q: How do I schedule to use the firkin?

A: Currently, the keeper of the firkin is: Bob Gray ( or send a message on

Q: Where do I get the consumables for the firkin?

A: The club will provide all the bungs you need, and everything else in a kit you receive with the firkin (including an instruction manual).

Q: What if I need more help or have more questions?

A: As they say in the Army RTFM (Read The Firkin Manual). Also, you can post a question on or Google “Brewing TV – Episode 36: Gone Firki”.

Q: How long does it take to ferment in the firkin.

A: You will need to give it 2-3 weeks in the firkin. “Do not rush the firkin”.


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