September 10, 2012

Sept. Meeting Proposed Agenda

by flanders
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All – here is the proposed agenda for Tuesday’s meeting at the Hatch Cover.

  • Moment of Silence
  • Recognize host/sponsor
  • Official Business (note that this order is a different format than past meetings)
  • Everybody needs to wear a nametag.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Johnny)
  • Old Business
    • ACBF — Randy Dipner
    • Zymurgy Institute Pitch – Dr. James Malm
    • BF Meadery Pitch
    • Competitions (Cryptid)
    • Talk about Odell comp – people’s choice at Nov. meeting
    • AHA club-only comp judging in late Sept.
  • New Business
  • Solicit new board positions
    • Good way to get involved in the board
    • Will be posted to the website
    • Vice IT
    • Vice Events
    • Vice Comps
    • Firkin Coordinator
  • Internal BJCP judging service
  • Meetup
    • Official procedure for accepting new members outlined on website
    • Pointers to meetup tutorials will be on the website
    • Will be our official platform as of the Nov. meeting. Oct will be a transitional meeting where we will use traditional email as well as meetup
  • New Raffle Introduction — Get your tickets
  • Grain buy
    • Grain buys officially sanctioned by BBoPP will now need to go through the club. We want to do this to avoid buys stepping on toes. Lefty will organize one. You should see an email from him within 3 weeks.
    • Hops???
    • Solicit New Business Items from the Audience
  • Motion to close the meeting
  • Raffle within 10 minutes or until ticket queue ends
  • Socializing
  • Ned will have a laptop to help show meetup to people on an individual basis.

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