Pints Program

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The purpose of the Pints program is reward members’ volunteer service in an effort to advance the Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak homebrew club.  The activities can benefit the club directly, local society, or homebrewing in general.

The Fine Print

The value of Pints and their associated achievements are subject to change.  The organizers of the Pints program will strive to maintain fairness.

The declaration of worthiness of a Pint is at the discretion of the Pints coordinator only (no longer requires Presidential approval, except in cases of Pint-worthy activities that are not officially listed as recognized). One pint is given to a person per event. Club Officers do not receive Pints for doing their job.

Earning Pints

See who’s been earning pints: Earned Pints

Recognized reward-able activities and their beneficiaries are listed below:

1.   Volunteering to be a presenter for one of the monthly education opportunities
2.   Judging or being a steward in a competition
3.   Hosting a brew day at your house (must give at least one week notice, 2+ additional members must attend)
4.   Picking up entries for a club sponsored competition
5.   Delivering club entries to another club (drop-off point) for their competition
6.   Offering keg of beer/jockeybox for an event
7.   Volunteering at a club event (Brewers Rendezvous camp-out at Salida, Peterson)
8.   Brewing with the Firkin and not Firking it up
9.   COC winning entry (Pro-Am brewer?, NHC winner?)
10.  Club based volunteer activity
11.  Volunteering and providing Designated Driver support after some local event like the firkin fest

Awards & Achievement Levels

4 pints : Level = PINT Masher :  Award = Brew Brothers Belgian glass
8 pints : Level = PINT Leader : Award = Brew Brothers Growler Koozie
16 pints : Level = PINT Master : Award = Brew Brothers 40oz Powder-coated Stainless Growler
32 pints – Level = PINT Grand Master : Award = TBD

For each level, Pint recipients will receive a beer-related lapel pin to be displayed with pride.

All recipients who reach a new level within the year will be invited to a once-per-year informal dinner to celebrate their service.  The club will cover a reasonable portion of the cost.

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