November 14, 2012

November Meeting Recap

by flanders
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If you missed the November meeting, you missed a good one!  The barrel room at Pikes Peak Brewery was awesome.

Here is a link to the full minutes:

  •  We didn’t have official elections since there were no contested positions.  There was some rearranging as follows:
    • John Haven will replace Rich Mock as VP
    • Dale Kuykendall  will take the role of secretary – this will no longer be a VP function
    • Eric Johnson & Jose Balderrama will assist Ator with the IT stuff
    • Lefty will take over Education responsibilities from John Landreman
    • John Landreman will take over Treasury duties from Johnny Garbett who will continue as the equipment custodian for the club.
    • All other positions will remain filled by the incumbent
  • The Pints Reward Program has been established.  Go here for more details:
  • Bru Bus!  There are only a few tickets left.  Get yours before they are gone!
    • Bonus! The New Belgium stop will be in their new Pilot Brewery with Assistant Brewer Brady Hull showing us the system and explaining their R & D process. They will have “some special beers on tap back there” for us. And we are supposed to have a special guest- the brewmeister from Funkwerks.
  • Biere de Rock
    • Get your entry to Justin NLT Monday night, 19 Nov 12 and he will transport your beer to be entered on Tuesday. If you can’t make it, then Rockyard in Castle Rock is an authorized drop-off point and will accept entries until 24 Nov 12.
  • Odell Competition.  This was a great event.  We will definitely be working to do more of these.  Congrats and best of luck to the winners!
    • Beer #1 – Dunkelwiess by Ben Wilder
    • Beer #2 – Belgian Quad by Justin Carpenter
    • Beer #3 – Saison by John Landreman
    • Beer #5 – IPA by Ned Brush
    • Beer #13 – Peruvian Brown by Scott Buchholz
  • Don’t forget – if you want feedback on your beer, bring it to our competition committee at the beginning of a meeting and they will line up judges to score it officially.

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