November 14, 2012

Membership Meeting Minutes 13 Nov 12

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Brew Brother’s Monthly General Membership Meeting

13 November 2012

Pikes Peak Brewery, Monument

  • Entries for the O’Dell’s competition were due to Justin Carpenter NLT 5:45 MST. He received 13 entries which will be judged by the general membership. The top 5 will be presented to O’Dells on Sat 17 Nov.
  • Flanders kicked off the general membership meeting at precisely 6PM.  The first order of business was the elections. No position was contested; however, we did add a few volunteers to assist.
  • Changes from the current executive team:
    • John Haven will replace Rich Mock as VP
    • Dale Kuykendall  will take the role of secretary – this will no longer be a VP function
    • Eric Johnson & Jose Balderrama will assist Ator with the IT stuff
    • Lefty will take over Education responsibilities from John Landreman
    • John Landreman will take over Treasury duties from Johnny Garbett who will continue as the equipment custodian for the club.
    • All other positions will remain filled by the incumbent
  • The club members present voted unanimously to approve the executive team make-up.
  • Pints Update: John Landreman explained that pints were a incentive to recognize those who have contributed above and beyond and to recognize BBoPP who routinely enter their beers into shows (good for the club when a member wins)
    • Special engraved glasses will be given when a member achieves 4, 8, 12, 16 pints
    • John Haven For the Judging team at the ACBF
    • Gary Gagnon for the Steward Team at the ACBF
    • ACBF Judge list and Steward list:
      • John Garbett
      • Mike Bordick
      • John Landreman
      • Rich Mock
      • Matt Baldwin
      • Ned Brush
      • Scott Bucholtz
      • Steve Stowell
      • Matt Kupferer
      • John Haven
      • Mike McGuckian
      • Greg Mizell
      • Larry Fish
      • Micah Schreiber
      • Bevan Zarges
      • Ray Smith
      • John Carlin
      • Jose Balderrama
      • Eric Johnson
      • Josh Howard
      • Gary Gagnon

    • Lefty for organizing the grain buy.
    • Johnny G for the bowling shirt organization
  • Grain buy:
    • Lefty will Post the pick-up on Meet-up. Expect grain delivery to 56th Ring late this week or early next week
  • Holiday Party: There may be one – more details as they become available
    • No monthly meeting during December 2012.
  • Next meeting: Executive team in Dec 2012; General Membership Jan 2013
  • Brew Bus: Many seats available — $50 – Two glasses, buffet lunch; four brewery stops; VIP tours, special brews brought in just for our tour, etc.; visit the O’Dells pilot system, that’s where the winner of the competition will brew his/her beer on (4,11,18,23) Jan 2013 (pick the date)
  • Steve (aka Shoe Brew) (prior President) – thanked everyone for their support – but he’s still traveling and that he will remain as connected to the club as he can be – but he’s not in town much
  • O’Dells competition: 13 entries — try them all and fill out a score sheet. The top 5 will be transported to 0’Dells where they will select the beer they will brew commercially on their pilot system. A total of 10 brewers/friends can attend the event
  • Competition Coordination:
    • Biere de Rock. Get your entry to Justin NLT Monday night, 19 Nov 12 and he will transport your beer to be entered on Tuesday. If you can’t make it, then Rockyard in Castle Rock is an authorized drop-off point and will accept entries until 24 Nov 12.
    • O’Dells competition was judged tonight and the following beers were rated in the top five and will be brought to O’Dells on 17 Nov 12: (fill in the results)
      • Beer #1 – Dunkelwiess by Ben Wilder
      • Beer #2 – Belgian Quad by Justin Carpenter
      • Beer #3 – Saison by John Landreman
      • Beer #5 – IPA by Ned Brush
      • Beer #13 – Peruvian Brown by Scott Buchholz
  • Beer Happy Friday will be at Trinity on 23 Nov 12. Watch meet-up for more details and the time
  • Raffle: Many great prizes were donated by club members. A total of 186 tickets were either sold or given away to those who brought donations.
  • The meeting was called to adjourn – unanimous approval – let the socializing begin.

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