October 28, 2013

Member Meeting Minutes – October 2013

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Brew Bros of Pikes Peak (BBoPP) General Membership Meeting Minutes

08 October 2013

Approximately 25 members attended the October meeting held at. A special thank you to Hatch Cover and their staff, they were great hosts.


  1. Ned asked if we had any new members:

    1. Evan – 22 months brewing – favorite is IPA

    2. Matt – sold all his stuff and is starting over

    3. Nick – 2-3 years

    4. Dan & Claire Ramos – she likes Saisons

  2. Ned reminded everyone to sign-in via Meet-up and that there would be a raffle for those that do.

  3. Ned emphasized the benefits of being a club member; discounts at local shops and breweries; the opportunity to have your beer evaluated by BJCP judges; the Buddy Brew concept for new people or those wanting to change from extract to grain; our store, bulk buys, training; brew days and so much more.

  4. Ned pointed out that we have glasses and T-Shirts for sale – cash and carry tonight…

  5. Ned reminded all that this is a homebrew club and that members should be bringing homebrew to our meetings. He said the homebrew table looked great.

  6. Ned also reminded all that the raffle is how the club makes its money to support its members and often to buy new items such as the projector screen, projector, digital thermometer, etc. and that recently the raffles have been a bit sparse, but improving. Bring something for the next meeting!!

  7. Bowling Shirts – go to the BBoPP on-line store and commit

  8. Membership report: Ned announced that we have 132 members in Meetup.

  9. Treasurer’s report (LandyBrew): $2,190; $2,435 ??. So roughly $2,200 is available to support club initiatives, such as buying a laptop computer or portable PA system.

  10. Pints: Ned and LandyBrew briefed a draft new awards program – 4 pints gets a glass, 8 pints gets you a 5% discount; 16 pints gets you a 10% discount; lapel pins with achievement levels will be given out — more to follow.

  11. Safe briefed the ACBF and introduced PAFB 2014…

  12. Ned brought up the concept of board member compensation

  13. Ned reminded everyone about the November elections – nominate and get elected…

  14. Comp Updates  briefed by Grez Mizell:

    1. Gazette

    2. Front Range

    3. Biere de Rock

    4. PAFB 2014

  15. Events:

    1. 19 Oct Gazette Judging

    2. 2 Nov All Colorado Beer Fest

    3. 23 Nov Brew Bus

    4. Ski Beer Day – Dino

    5. Grain Buy — Todd

  16. Firkin – we are still waiting for the Firkin and Ator to show; however, once emptied, Axe has it next.  See our website and sign up for the firkin

  17. Friday’s Happy Hour events are posted in Meetup

  18. Beer Bus – 4 stops, breakfast burrito and lunch is included & a jockey box is on board

  19. Thanks again to Hatch Cover for hosting the meeting

  20. Meeting was adjourned

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