April 3, 2013

Member Meeting Minutes – March 2013

by flanders
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Brew Bros of Pikes Peak (BBoPP) General Membership Meeting Minutes

16 March 2013

Approximately 50 members attended the March meeting held at 56 Ring. SafeBrew called the meeting to order at 1530 by thanking the hosts for their hospitality. Plenty of chili and beer were available.

Treasurer’s report (LandyBrew): $3300 as of 16 March; $ as of the last meeting. Expenditures: … Income: $….

  1. Safe explained the silent auction which will buy brewing books to be managed by Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD).  See below.

  2. Hardly explained the Chili Fest.  There were about 12 pots of chili of varying heat and ingredients.

  3. Two new members introduced themselves.

  4. Members were reminded to sign attendance form – Big Bob took charge and reminded people to pay dues and/or sign liability waivers.

  5. Todd Baldwin, the president and CEO of Red Leg Brewing Company, described his operation and answered questions from aspiring microbrewery owners.  His 30 bbl brewery is near Trinity and plans to open in April.

  6. Safe reminded members of club services: BJCP judging for members’ beers and the Brew Buddy program

  7. Dino discussed the home brewing library initiative.  PPLD will manage books and material bought by BBoPP.  Jammin’Brew donated a book to the cause.

  8. Competition Update

    1. PeteFest winners are posted on our website.  Safe read the names and styles of all first place winners of PAFB and our winner at DredHop. Safe and G2 were recognized for their support of the PAFB event.

    2. Peak to Peak competition 23 March in Frederick, CO.  Judges needed.  Contact Safe.

  9. 23 March 4PM tapping at Brewers Republic, 112 North Nevada Ave, of Justin’s King Albert Belgium Dark (10.2%) beer that was brewed at O’Dells on their 5 barrel system

  10. Big Brew for National Homebrew Day – Saturday, May 4; Lefty said it is at Pikes Peak again

  11. Colorado Beer Week – March 18 – 24  check out our website for events

  12. Hardly motioned for a gift for our president’s new baby which received unanimous approval

  13. Axe provided a very informative pitch on his award winning cream ales.  His presentation is on YouTube, slides on our website.

  14. Next meeting will be … at …

Peace out, Dino

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