October 7, 2012

Meetup Hint #1 – Controlling Meetup Emails

by flanders
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Meetup Hints is a new series to help people get accustomed to meetup.com.

If you haven’t joined meetup yet – get on it! 

Meetup Hint #1 – Controlling Meetup Emails

You might be getting emails like this “Meetups this week with: Homebrewers, Lovely Ladies,…”  As awesome as it would be for all of us to join the “Lovely Ladies” meetup group, you might not want to get these emails any more.  Understandable.  These emails settings are controlled at your meetup.com user account level.  To be clear, these are separate email settings from the Brew Brothers.  To adjust these email settings, go to meetup.com and log in.  This is before you go to the Brew Brothers club page.  The page should be mostly white, like below: 

Under “Account” in the upper-right, click “Email and Notifications”

On this page, there will be a section called “Other Meetup Email”  Look through these options and decide what’s right for you.  Personally, I recommend unclicking all boxes except “Greetings.”

At the bottom, you can also choose who can contact you via email and greetings.

Good luck and have fun using meetup.


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