March 20, 2012

March 2012 Meeting Minutes

by dinobrew
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Brew Bros of Pikes Peak (BBoPP) General Membership Meeting Minutes

6 March 2012

Approximately forty members attended the March meeting held at Oren Weil’s vacated house on Platte Avenue.

ShoeBrew called the meeting to order at 1830 by thanking Oren for his hospitality and soliciting members that want to host future meetings at their homes.  Be advised you need plenty of room to accommodate the membership.  Besides Oren’s sours, Johnny brought a keg of Old Bro and Biere de Firkin.  [Axe is next in the firkin queue, followed by CrackBrew (Matt Baldwin), then CryptidBrew (Justin Carpenter)].  Plenty of food was also available.

Treasurer’s report (JohnnyBrew): Current balance $1114.  Feb balance: $1337.  Income: raffle $131, memberships $200, glasses & shirts $120, Petefest $200.  Expenditures: glasses $319, membership cards $65, $39 hotel for out of town judge.  Johnny reminded members to pay their dues and of the equipment available to check out (firkin, scale, mill, beer gun, jockey box).

Old business:

PeteFest (Axe) The PAFB club donated $200 to BBoPP for their efforts. The club manager will be presented with a plaque.  We need someone with base access to replace Axe as event coordinator.  We also need someone to replace Buck as competition coordinator as he’s leaving town.

Bowling event (Dino) – Stay tuned for location — looking for a two hour Saturday afternoon slot for open bowling.  Members will roll three games with the best two counting to make the five person team to compete against the RockHoppers.  Johnny motioned for the club to purchase bowling shirts for our team which was unanimously approved.

Pints Update (Landy) – Rules will be posted on our website.  All requests and recommendations need to go through Shoe and will be posted by Ator.  We’ll recognize annual winners and track cumulative totals for schwag.

IT Update (Ator) – Continuous improvements are being made to our website including a forum, classifieds and announcements.  We also have a FaceBook account.  CommieBrew (Eric Steen) described his Focus on the Beer blog.  Check it out.

BJCP Update (Lefty) – Contact Lefty if you’re interested in enrolling in an online BJCP program.  He had to leave early to attend a session from home.



New Business:

Denver Comp Dropoffs.  Johnny travels to Denver every Friday for business and offered to drop off entries for competitions up there.  Pints for Johnny!

CommieBrew discussed upcoming events.  Meet the Brewer/Owner of Odells at the Second Pint on March 30, at 1830.  Iron Brewers competition at Brewers Republic March 31, 1600 – eight breweries competing in an elimination round using special ingredients.  Winners will be decided by people’s choice.  Also he’s looking for Beer Drinker of the Week entries for his blog.

Members should contact HardlyBrew (Michele Gandy) if you’re interested in hosting Beer Fridays, an informal social gathering at your home.

‘He Said Beer/She Said Wine Tasting’ (Dino) — Mid May at Dat’s Italian in Old CO City.  $40-50, five courses paired with a beer and wine for attendee vote on which beverage pairs best.

El Paso County Fair Homebrew Contest and Fest (Dino) – This will be a limited Summer style competition with fest to follow on July 21 or 28 in Calhan.

Upcoming Events:

Castle Rock ‘Stout it Out’ judging March 24.

Peak to Peak Indian Peak Alers March 23.

Big Brew in May (Location(s) TBD)

Denver AHA Judging at Arvada Beer    The judging will be Friday, April 20 and Saturday April 21.

Denver International Beer Competition at   Entries are now being accepted, with a final entry deadline of April 9, 2012.

The meeting adjourned at 1900 socializing began.  The next meeting on Tuesday April 3 at a TBD location.

Peace out, Dino


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