September 6, 2016

2016 Iron Brewer pairings

by Specious
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The Iron Brewer challenge is based on the TV show “Iron Chef”. The board has selected the “Secret” ingredients and pairs of homebrewers will compete to see who can brew the best beer using…. *drumroll*…. Maple and *anything* that starts with the letter ‘B’! This means bourbon, bacon, brown sugar, butter(?), or anything you can think of to make your beer the best.

We’ll judge the entries at the November meeting so that should leave a fair amount of time to get brewing on this.

Here’s the list for our 2016 Iron Brewer competition, to date:

Iron Brewer Pairs

Mike Madsen Todd Horak
Josh ‘Fester’ Howard Ryan Hannigan
John ‘Safe’ Haven Mike ‘Axe’ Bordick
Chuck Page Dan Powell
Chris Daniel Johns
Stephen ‘Ator’ Shelton Michael
Ray Smith Eric Mitchell
Mark Welte Some guy from Pueblo?
Gary ‘G2″ Gagnon Dave Carpenter

9 teams, so a pretty good sampling.

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