Salida Campout

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Salida Brewers Rendezvous Campout

Each July, a group of Brew Brothers members (and friends from the Rock Hoppers) head to Salida for a weekend of camping, drinking, and festivities surrounding the Brewers Rendezvous beer festival.

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2017 Campout

This year, camping starts on Friday, July 7 and wraps up Sunday, July 9. There’s a cover charge ($25) to cover the cost of porta-potties and meals on Saturday, before and after the festival. Buy your campout tickets in the Brew Brothers shop by July 1 to reserve your spot.

You’re responsible for buying your own Brewer’s Rendezvous festival ticket ($40 for general admission this year). Traditionally, club members dress up -– this year’s theme is Spaced! Bring your favorite alien, astronaut, star lord, or time lord costume to join in on the fun.

There are no amenities other than the rented porta-potties, the beauty of Colorado, and the Arkansas River. It’s a “pack it in, pack it out” experience. To chip in, plan to bring 5 gal. of water and a 10 lb. bag of ice, in addition to whatever you’ll need personally. Here’s a checklist to help you pack.

The campout is open to club members, family, and friends. Kids under 12 are free. It’s a family-friendly event, if you have an open-minded family! However, you are responsible for the behavior of the people you invite.

Schedule of Events


  • The porta-potties arrive!
  • The scouting team will arrive, secure the spot, and begin setup.
  • Some people will drink beer.

Friday (Day)

  • Some people will arrive early and help set up camp (beer tent, kitchen tent, other pop-ups). Others will continue to arrive all afternoon and evening.
  • Some people go for a mountain bike ride, others play poker, many socialize and drink beer.

Friday (Evening)

  • Dinner’s up to you — you can cook at camp or venture into Salida to eat at Amica’s or another restaurant. The camp kitchen will have a grill available. You must provide your own pots and utensils, and you’re responsible for cleaning up after yourself!
  • A large party will ensue — homebrew, specialty bottles, and even some distilled spirits have been known to appear.  Some party ’til near dawn.  If you expect to sleep, bring earplugs.
  • A “people’s choice” homebrew competition will run from whenever the first homebrew bottle’s cracked until just before sundown.
  • Try to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s a “party foul” to be sick at the beer festival!  And the children will laugh at you!

Saturday (Morning)

  • Fuel — some call it a “Big Burrito Breakfast”, some call it a “Drinking Base.” It’s everything you want to build a breakfast burrito as big as your head! Coffee included. We need volunteers to help prep the food!
  • If you want a Bloody Mary bar or a fancy coffee bar, we need a volunteer to organize it!
  • The construction of the submarine sandwiches (our post-festival dinner) starts as the cleanup of breakfast happens (assembly line prep required).
  • Some people will drink beer.

Saturday (Afternoon)

  • Shuttles to the Brewer’s Rendezvous will run a couple times between 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. The festival starts at 1 p.m.
  • Get lunch or snacks at the concessions in the festival.
  • Most people will drink beer.

Saturday (Evening)

  • Shuttles back from the festival will run a couple times between 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Submarine sandwich dinner (aren’t you happy you helped us prep them ahead of time?)
  • Some people will continue to drink beer… but usually not for long.
  • Some people will fall down, sleep, and then get up … and drink more beer!


  • Coffee only (bring your own breakfast foods, if you’ll need it).
  • Break camp. The more people that help, the faster it goes. Try not to leave this task for the few that also set it up. And remember — you pack it in, you pack it out. Let’s leave no trace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are kids allowed at the Brewers Rendezvous?

Most people bring their kids to the festival. Some breweries offer a root beer free to kids and designated drivers. Concessions sell all the standard fair foods. There’s also a big playground adjacent to the beer tent area. We usually pick a central area and throw down blankets and chairs, so parents can take turns sitting with little ones while their spouses go for a beer. NOTE: the Arkansas River flows through both the campground and the festival grounds, so those of you with smaller kids do need to supervise!

2) What about dogs at the campground and festival?

This is a harder question. We don’t prohibit dogs but they are probably best left at home. In the past we have had very few dogs. They are not allowed at the festival, and it’s gotten brutally hot at the campsite some years. Are you going to leave your dog alone at camp? One Brew Brother has a well-ventilated RV that he parks in a shady spot by the festival with extra fans running inside, leaves ice water and checks on his animal frequently.

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