Big Brew 2016

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Join the Brew Brothers for Big Brew 2016!


National Learn to Homebrew day is also Big Brew Day (May 7th 2016).  Come learn how to homebrew or join fellow homebrewers as they craft some delicious brews.

Big Brew at Pikes Peak Brewing – Join fellow homebrewers for wort transformation!  Everyone starts with the same template wort (Available for $20 from Pikes Peak – gets you enough wort for a 5 gal batch)  and goes in their own direction from there!  A great time seeing what yeast and hops and your process can do to change a wort profile.  Event starts at 9AM at Pikes Peak.  Wort will be ready about 10AM.  Bring extra buckets if you want additional wort!

More information about Big Brew can be found on the AHA website.

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