Iron Homebrewer – the buddy series

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We’re excited to announce the Second Iron Homebrewer Buddy Competition!

Iron Homebrewer is a Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak internal club competition.  Here’s how it works:

The club will match all interested brewers into “brewing pairs”, though if you have a member you wish to collaborate with, you may arrange this independently.  Each pair will build a recipe and collectively brew a beer, but there’s a catch!  The beer brewed must incorporate the two “secret ingredients” which have been selected by the board.

The base beer can be any style.

Participants should sign up via Meetup no later than September 1st.

We will have a people’s choice competition during the November 2016 member meeting.  The exact prizes for winning are to-be-determined, but should include at least two of the following:

– Bragging rights
– A trophy
– A gift certificate

The procedure is as follows:

– Participants sign up by September 1, 2016.
– Participants will be informed of the pairings by meetup.
– During September, October and November each pair will craft their recipe, brew their beer, and package the results.
–  At the November 2016 meeting, a People’s Choice vote (popular vote) will determine the winners.

The special ingredients are:

– Maple

– Any ingredient that starts with the letter ‘B’  – Bacon, bourbon, butter, brown sugar, you name it!  Get creative!


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