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November 7, 2012

BBoPP Board Meeting Minutes 3 Oct 2012

by flanders
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Brew Bros of Pikes Peak

Board Meeting

Texas T-Bone Oct 3, 2012

Feedback from Sep meeting (All) — We all like mullet style — business up front, party in the back.

  MeetUp is working well.  Approximately 40 of  90 members are using it. We will force use through the brew bus and bulk buys.  Oct will be the last e-mail for meetings announcements, all future will be on MeetUp.

Meeting location update.  Next Wed’s GM meeting will be at T-Bone.  Flanders & Dino will work out a yearly schedule that is geographically balanced.  Ideas for locations are always welcome. We’d like a minimum of 4 locations to rotate among.

Raffle feedback. We didn’t make as much at the last meeting but attendance was down.  We’ll try the $5 format again with two $25 gift certs for T-Bone next week. Safe and G2 will assist with the sale and tabulation of $5 raffle tickets. We need to do a separate tabulation to determine if this can be a self-supporting effort.

Firkin Queue.  It’s impractical to bring our firkin restaurants and clubs.  Lefty will develop a plan of action for those who brew in the firkin to host a club event.  Flanders will start an e-mail discussion on this.

Beer Bus. Hardly will send details to Flanders.  Johnny needs to buy wristbands and bubblewrap.  Need to solicit a keg coordinator else Brian will do.  $25 minimum on raffle donations.  $5 raffle tix.  Bus tix with names available at next week’s meeting.  Michelle will set-up at the Oct meeting about 5PM. Tickets will go on sale about 5:30. The meeting will start at 6PM and ticket sales will be on hold until after the meeting. Hard copy of bus schedule events will be provided to each member of the bus trip. Expect the trip to have approximately $500 to be used on raffle and charity donation

Need a history letter of the bus trip made by…
Need volunteers for jocky boxes on the bus
Laura and Brian are Michelle’s back-up


 PayPal Account.   Brewzer (Francie) will get us a PayPal account.

ACBF.  Nov 3 at the Freedom Financial conference place on North Nevada.  We need twelve judges and stewards.  Safe has judge lead; G2 will work stewards.  Need to solicit at next week’s meeting.

9.  Pints.  All agree this is a good concept to get members involved but requires a little more thought. Landy will pitch at the next meeting.  Flanders will start an e-mail chain on this subject. The key is to have a reward program where pints are redeemed for desirable items such as t-shirts, snifter glass, etc and the initial reward should begin at 2 or 3.  The concept/end result needs to be added to our website

10.  Budget update. Flanders & Dino will develop a draft for planning purposes.

11.  Corporate Status.  Sub-group (Flanders, Landy, Johnny, Sid) will be formed to work this out.

12.  Bulk Buys.  Lefty is working this thru MeetUp.  He has  several bags ordered but needs more to get price breaks.

13.  CO Beer Hall of Fame.  Not discussed.  ACBF is considering.  Dino would like to get BBoPP involved in the nomination and selection process.  (Johnny will be our first nomination.)

13.  Treasurer’s Report.  Sep $1393 + $134 raffles and dues – $50 sec state registration – $45 raffle & name tag supplies – $90 Hatch Cover tip and gift cert.  $1342 balance.

13.  Bowling shirts. Johnny will check into price increase for less than 25 shirts.  There was little support for the club buying an additional 10 shirts.

14.  Christmas Party.  Hardly and BrianBew (needs a better name) will look into using 56 Ring for a beer pairing dinner with Santa Safe.  We’d like to keep rental costs below $200 by bringing our own stuff.

15.  Cryptid’s Comp input: O’Dell brew day Fri 25 Jan limited to 10 BBs.  Cryptid to provide details next week. Axe won the club only competition with his cream ale and it was sent along for national competition.

16.  PeteFest will be Fri 22 Feb with judging 8-9 Feb leaving a week in between.  Firkin Fest is 16 Feb.

17. The board approved continuing to support Geoff and his competition software $20/25 and be hosted on his server vs trying to host on a BB server.

18. Election nominees find or groom your replacement. Safe nominated to replace Dino.

19. John L and BJCP preparation: No need to hold a one month course for the website exam – the BJCP study guide tells you what to study. Preparation for the May 13 tasting examination will start soon, additional support needed; will meet every two weeks. More to follow as the details are finalized. There was a discussion concerning how to establish a continuing education program for the monthly meeting and possibly semi-annual testing for BJCP – all depends upon club member interest.

20. Google online for document sharing: some items are action items list, Group Contacts list; official roster of phone numbers, etc. Need to make this the collaboration process along with meet-up.

21. Klute is the new membership coordinator.

22. There was a consensus that we need to start a monthly “happy hour” and this needs to be published on meet-up so all BBs can see where it is and attend if they desire.

Peace out, Dino

October 16, 2012

October Membership Meeting Minutes

by flanders
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10 October 2012

Monthly General Membership Meeting

  • The meeting was called to order at 6:20 PM by FlandersBrew.  Approximately forty members attended the meeting which was held at Texas T-Bone on Centennial. Flanders thanked our host and encouraged members to patronize this establishment – good lunch specials and happy hour buffet Monday – Thursday.  Everyone likes the new  Mullet Style meetings – business up front, party in the back.  Several new members were introduced; John and Tony  like IPAs; Randy likes Saisons; Jesse likes ESPs and Lagers and Mark likes Belgiums.
  • MeetUp will become the main outreach to members.  Location of meetings can be found on MeetUp. Spontaneous events such as “meet me for a beer”, etc can be found on MeetUp
  • Two stage raffle was explained; we still need members to bring items to be raffled and the “big ticket” often will be a $50 gift certificate or prize valued at $50+.
  • Treasury Report: Johnny said current balance is $1342; outlays for raffle items and income from dues.  Johnny modeled the new bowling shirts and orders exceeded that necessary to get a discount.
  • Bru-Bus.  HardlyBrew announced details for the trip to Ft Collins on Nov 17 and encouraged members to buy tickets soon. After a week of sales, if any tickets remain, they will be sold to member wanting to bring guests and/or  to the general public.  See our website for more details.
  • All Colorado Beer Fest (ACBF): Dino solicited participation for judges, stewards and attendees.  John “Safe” Haven is the Judge coordinator and Gary “G2” Gagnon is the Steward coordinator.  Brew Bros get a $5 discount.  Event is Sat, Nov 3 at the Freedom Financial Conference Center on North Nevada. See their web site for more details: Elections.
  • The club is growing rapidly and we need help.  Contact Flanders if you’re interested in serving in any capacity.  He can find a job for you.  Nominations are due before the  Nov meeting and elections for contested positions will be held at the Nov meeting.  Klutes will be the next membership  VP and Safe will be the next VP/Secretary.
  • Grain Buy and Firkin Queue.  Lefty is organizing the next grain buy on MeetUp.  He is also the one to talk to if you want to brew in the firkin. Brewers will be expected to plan / organize an event to showcase their efforts.
  • Competition Update.  Axe won the Cat 6 club comp with his cream ale and will go forward to compete at the national level.  The next club comp will be for Burton Old Ales.  Entries can be dropped off at Cryptid’s Crib 10/29 to 11/2 and judged on the last day.  Brews for the O’Dell brew day will be evaluated at the Nov meeting.  Bring beer for 20 to sample, style will be people’s choice, top 5 beers will go to O’Dell’s on the Bru Bus and O’Dell’s brew master will choose the beer to brew on 25 Jan 13.  Biere de Rock entries will be accepted between Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 12:00 AM, MST and Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 5:00 PM, MST. with Judging on 8 Dec 12. Entry registration will open Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM, MDT at
  • The Peterson AFB homebrew judging will be 8-9 Feb 2013 with the fest on 22 Feb.
  • BJCP Training Classes start Wed 17 Oct at 56 Ring and are planned for every two weeks. Contact John Landerman (see meetUp) for more details. Space is limited to only 12 individuals.
  • New Business: None
  • The next general membership meeting will be Nov 13, location TBD.
  • The next executive board meeting will be Nov 6 at the National Space Foundation.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM and raffles and sampling began.

October 8, 2012

October meeting is Wed!

by flanders
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When : Wednesday, Oct 10th at 5:45PM
Why : Because beer bus tickets will be on sale!
Where : The Texas T-Bone Steakhouse – West (on the north side of the restaurant)
Address & Map of Location : 4659 Centennial Blvd. google map
Food : On-your-own.  Either eat before the meeting or better yet, support our sponsor by eating there
Don’t Forget : Raffle Items, Homebrew, and cash for the raffle & the beer bus (unfortunately, the firkin will not be allowed)
Agenda : Check the website!

October 7, 2012

October Meeting Proposed Agenda

by flanders
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Here’s the tentative agenda for the October 10th BBoPP member meeting.  (Subject to change.)  The meeting will be held at the Texas T-Bone on Centennial Blvd.

  1. Welcome and recognize host/sponsor.  Support our sponsor!
  2. Explain new formats.
    1. “Mullet Style”
    2. Two-stage raffle
    3. Meetup
    4. Meetup Attendance
  3. Member status
  4. Need ideas for new locations.  Please reply to the forum here:
  5. The club is growing and we need more volunteers!  Thank you to Klute for stepping up as the new membership coordinator.
  6. New member introduction.
  7. Treasurer’s Report. (Johnny)
  8. Bowling Shirt Status. (Johnny)
  9. Beer Bus. (Hardly)
  10. ACBF. (Dino/Safe/G2)
  11. Nominations for new officers. (Flanders)
    1. Volunteers
  12. Pints. (Landy)
  13. Firkin Q and Bulk Buys. (Lefty)
  14. Comps Update. (Cryptid)
  15. Judges need for Rocky Mtn. Homeebrew Challenge
  16. New Business.
  17. End of Business. Let the fun begin. Tasting and Raffles (ticket count)

September 10, 2012

Sept. Meeting Proposed Agenda

by flanders
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All – here is the proposed agenda for Tuesday’s meeting at the Hatch Cover.

  • Moment of Silence
  • Recognize host/sponsor
  • Official Business (note that this order is a different format than past meetings)
  • Everybody needs to wear a nametag.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Johnny)
  • Old Business
    • ACBF — Randy Dipner
    • Zymurgy Institute Pitch – Dr. James Malm
    • BF Meadery Pitch
    • Competitions (Cryptid)
    • Talk about Odell comp – people’s choice at Nov. meeting
    • AHA club-only comp judging in late Sept.
  • New Business
  • Solicit new board positions
    • Good way to get involved in the board
    • Will be posted to the website
    • Vice IT
    • Vice Events
    • Vice Comps
    • Firkin Coordinator
  • Internal BJCP judging service
  • Meetup
    • Official procedure for accepting new members outlined on website
    • Pointers to meetup tutorials will be on the website
    • Will be our official platform as of the Nov. meeting. Oct will be a transitional meeting where we will use traditional email as well as meetup
  • New Raffle Introduction — Get your tickets
  • Grain buy
    • Grain buys officially sanctioned by BBoPP will now need to go through the club. We want to do this to avoid buys stepping on toes. Lefty will organize one. You should see an email from him within 3 weeks.
    • Hops???
    • Solicit New Business Items from the Audience
  • Motion to close the meeting
  • Raffle within 10 minutes or until ticket queue ends
  • Socializing
  • Ned will have a laptop to help show meetup to people on an individual basis.

January 29, 2012

February Meeting Rescheduled!

by erics
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Sorry for the late notice but Pike’s Peak had a scheduling conflict with us meeting on Tuesday the 7th and we had to reschedule the meeting for Wednesday the 8th at 6:30pm.