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October 17, 2015

October Member’s Meeting Tech Talk Recap – Nano Mashing with Crystal Malts

by jhoward
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Our Tech Talk for October centered around a horizontal tasting of 5 varieties of Crystal Malt:
Crystal 10, Crystal 40, Crystal 80, British Crystal (70/80), Crystal 140
Grist will be 3% specialty grain (single crystal variety) with 97% Maris Otter base grain
100g of grain mashed with 250mL of 169*F (76.2*C) (target temp being 154*F(68*C))
Mikayla Mueller talked about the advantages of using Crystal malts, differences between Crystal varieties, why they are good for English style Porters (this month’s Brew Buddy beer).

April 4, 2013

Member Meeting Proposed Agenda – April 2013

by flanders
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BBoPP Member Meeting Proposed Agenda – April 2013

  • President’s Report

    • Recognize host/sponsor

      • Please buy at least one Great Storm Pint to support our gracious hosts who opened their doors just for us.

    • Welcome New Members

    • Reminder of club services

      • Official JBCP judging for members’ beers

      • Brew Buddy program

      • Reminder to wear name tags

      • Reminder that we have t-shirts & glasses for sale

    • Reminder to pay and fill out membership form.  Roster clean up starts on April 12

  • Membership Report? (Klute)

  • Treasurer’s Report (Landy)

  • Competition Update (Cryptid)

  • Firkin Report (Big Bob)

  • Save your old brewing magazines (Dino)

  • Pints Program Update (Landy)

  • Bulk Buy (Lefty)

  • Event Update

    • Big Brew

    • MeadowGrass

  • Support the raffle.  These are important donations to keep our club functioning.

  • Homebrew Huddle

    • Meetup Hints (Ned)

    • Barrel Aging Beers (Mike Hall)

March 5, 2013

POSTPONED!! March Member Meeting with Chili Potluck coming up!

by flanders
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UPDATE : POSTPONED!!  The board decided not to take the risk of mixing chili, beer & road conditions.  We’ll plan to move it to Mar. 16th.


Hey there Brew Brothers and Sisters,

We have a fun meeting coming up this Saturday at 56 Ring!  You heard me right, we’re doing a Saturday meeting to change things up a bit.  It’s gets better.  Git yur cookin’ and grubbin’ on with us for a potluck style Chili Fest!!!  Hopefully you can make it.  If you can, please read below for more details on the chili fest.

Notice : There has been a time change so that 56 Ring can accommodate us.  The new time is 3PM.  We decided to postpone until Mar 16th.

Where : 56 Ring

When : New Date, Saturday, March 16th at 3PM

Address : 1733 South Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Food : Chili Fest!  Potluck style.  See below for more info.

Don’t forget:

RAFFLE ITEMS – bring something awesome and help our club raise money! (commercial bombers, kegs, beer schwag, gift certificates, etc.)

CASH – so you can win raffle items (and auction items this month, more below!)

HOMEBREW – bring lots.  We’ll have more time to socialize at this meeting so we need to make sure there’s enough beer to go around.

A SOBER RIDE – if you’re going to enjoy yourself, please arrange responsible travels home.  Find carpools and DDs.

Details on the meeting


  • We are going to have an awesome talk by Axe Brew on Cream Ales.  This guy knows how to brew a killer Cream Ale.  He’ll speak about the style and share all of his secrets on brewing a gold-winning cream ale.  The projector will be working this time!
  • The medal winners of Pete Fest will be announced.
  • We’ll be holding an auction for the leftover swag from Pete Fest.
  • Pints update
  • Competition update
  • More to follow…..

Details on the Chili Fest


  • Michele, aka “Hardly Brew” is organizing the chili fest.
  • Call Michele : 719-330-2144 (or send her an email or a message on meetup) if you are bringing anything
  • 3 categories
    • Green chili (with pork)
    • Red chili (with beef)
    • Other (white, chicken, veggie, vegan, etc.)
  • Please bring a crock pot full
  • If you don’t feel like making chili, volunteer to bring an “extra”
    • cheese, sour cream, chopped onions, salsa, chips, side dishes, etc.  Anything that goes well with chili.

February 5, 2013

Member Meeting Agenda – February 2013

by flanders
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Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak Member Meeting Agenda

Feb 5th, 2013 – 6:00 PM – Pikes Peak Brewing Co ( back barrel room) – 1756 lake woodmoor dr, monument, co 80132

President’s Report – Ned “Flanders” Brush

  • Call to order & thank sponsor
  • Welcome new members
  • “Focused Feedback” – Get your homebrew anonymously judged by BJCP members
  • Brew Buddy Sign-up Form
  • Donate-a-book program
  • Membership cards are in.  If you’ve paid, pick yours up from me during the social hour.
  • Fill out membership forms
  • Introduce Eric Seufert from Castle Rock Homebrew Shop

Peterson Report – John “Safe” Haven

Treasurer’s Report – John “Landy” Landreman

  • Support the raffle

Pints Program Report – John “Landy Landreman

  • Review rewardable activities
  • Awards

Competition Report – Ned “Flanders” Brush

  • Results : Vail Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines
  • Rock Bottom.
  • Club Only Competition (Category 19B,C Light Hybrids (English Barleywine, American Barleywine).
  • ***Extract brewers get your game on! The next club-only competition will be in May and the category is Extract ONLY. This competition covers BJCP categories 1-23 where 50% or more of the fermentable sugars must come from the use of malt extract.***  Entries will be due at the April meeting.
  • Odell Brew Day Recap

Event Report – Michele “Hardly” Gandy

  • Planning a fun March meeting, mid-day Saturday March 9th, potluck with a chili theme
  • Happy hour : Location?

Education Report (aka “Homebrew Huddle”) – Dr. Ken Andrews

  • Brewing techniques using “Brew In A Bag” methods

January 19, 2013

Member Meeting Recap, January 2013

by flanders
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Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak

General Member Meeting

January 9, 2013

Location: The Hatch Cover
Start time: 6:15 pm

  • The meeting started with a hearty thanks to The Hatch Cover for allowing us to have our meeting there.  This was followed by introduction of new members.
  • Ned reminded members that the club offers a judging service if anyone would like to have their beer judged anonymously and receive feedback.
  • All Colorado Beer Festival update
    • The festival was held on November 3, 2012
    • This years’ festival will be held on Saturday, November 2nd  
    • Staff from the ACBF reported on the event and the judging
      • The ACBF gave away approximately $34,500 to charities
      • They play a large role in donations to
        • Theater Works
        • Homefront Cares
        • Empty Stocking Fund
      • Follow the ACBF on Facebook!
      • Staff from the ACBF presented the BBoPP with a $500 check
  • State of the Club
    • Using Meetup, seems like most people are on there
    • 2013 Goals
      • Increase competition participation
        • Discussed competition reward system development
      • Increase education
        • Educational brewdays
        • Monthly technical classess
      • Volunteer within the community
    • New By-laws
      • Membership dues will increase due to electronic fees acquired by moving towards PayPal for online payment
      • Membership renewals
        • Need to pay via PayPal
        • If you haven’t done so, or if any of your information has changed, be sure to fill out a new liability form
    • Buddy System
      • Volunteer based
      • Pair in-experienced brewers with experienced brewers
      • Anyone interested in participating should email Ned at
  • Education Update
    • Will be providing a variety of topics at 56 Ring on a monthly basis
  • Competition Update
    • Peterson AFB
      • Largest event of the year for the club
      • Judging will be held on the evening of February 8th and all day on February 9th
      • The festival will be held on February 22nd
        • If you entered a beer in the competition, you get into the festival for free
        • If you bring some of your homebrew to serve, you can bring a guest at no charge
        • There will be dinner, live music and professional bewers
      • Last year had 458 beers entered
        • This year the limit is 501 entries unless more judges are found
      • Website is open for registration
        • Registration can only be done online
      • Need more stewards and judges
        • Anyone interested in being a steward should contact Gary Gagnon
      • Entry Fees
        • $5/beer
        • $20/5 beers
        • BBoPP members can enter 3 beers at no charge
          • Any entries beyond the initial 3 will incur the above charges
      • Looking for someone to volunteer to fill and run the firkin for the festival
    • Upcoming competitions
      • Dredhop Homebrew Competition
        • Registration deadline is January 15th
      • Rock Bottom Competition
        • Registration deadline is January 15th
      • Barleywines AHA Club-only competition
        • Entries due at February member meeting
        • Need judges
      • Extract only Club-only competition
      • Calhan
        • Marc Malenfant volunteered to organize
      • Sam Adams Longshot Competition
        • May?
      • National Hombrew Competition, Round 1
  • Treasurer Update
    • 2012 ended with $2400
    • Selling T-shirts, bowling shirts and pint glasses
  • Events Update
    • Don’t forget about Beer Fridays
      • Next one is January 18th at Rockbottom
  • Beersmith presentation by Gary Gagnon
    • Brad is giving us our own discout code : “BS2CLUB” which $8 off of the normal price!
  • Business ended at 7:07 pm, homebrew tasting began

January 15, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes 6 Nov 2012

by flanders
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Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak

Officers’ Meeting

January 2, 2013
Location: Phantom Canyon
Start time: 6:00 pm

Members in attendance : Landy, Greg Mizell, Jose Balderrama, Eric Johnson, Lefty, Ator, Michele, Rob Patterson, Greg Aubuchon, Safe, Dino, Cryptid, Michael

  • Finances: Discussion was had at length regarding the club obtaining 501c3 or 501c7 status due to current income. It was decided that more information needed to be obtained regarding what counted as income before a final decision was made.
  • Treasurer Report: The information on the bank account needs to be changed to have the access updated for the new board members/positions.
  • Competitions:
    • Peterson:
      • Currently have 2 people signed up as judges.
      • There are about 70 beers registered.
      • Fliers were sent to all Colorado homebrew clubs.
      • Need to have people work on requesting donations for the event.
      • The BBoPP website needs to be updated for the competition.
      • Judging will be held on February 8 and 9
      • The fest will be on February 22
      • Discussion was had regarding limiting the amount of free entries for BBoPP members. Currently the registration software does not do that. It was decided that club members will be limited to 3 free entries and then will have to pay after that.
    • The question was raised regarding doing the competition in Calhan again.  It was also discussed that there are several places that have asked the club to assist with hosting a competition.
      • A packet of information needs to be developed to hand out to places that want help hosting a competition.
  • Membership:
    • Discussion was had regarding annual dues for members. The question was raised as to whether the current amount should be modified. The question also came up regarding new member dues (currently $20/yr or $10/6 mos). It was decided that dues for new members would be based on a quarterly fee schedule: $20 if first quarter, $15 if second, $10 if third and $5 if fourth quarter. Existing member renewal fees would remain $20. Also, existing members would have 90 days each year to get their annual dues paid.
    • PayPal should be set up by the end of next week. Once set up, members will be able to pay their dues through Meetup via PayPal.
    • It was discussed that there needs to be a way to track member attendance at meetings so we have a better understanding of member activity. Ideas for tracking this are going to be explored.
  • Board update:
    • With the expansion and breakout of several board positions, email addresses are being created for the position rather than utilize the current members’ personal email. The email address will allow smoother transition when positions change and better management of information. Each board position will have an email address for their position that can be set to forward to their personal email.
  • Pints update:
    • Glasses have been ordered. They will not arrive in time for the January general member meeting, so the first round of Pints Rewards will be handed out in the February meeting. Discussion was also had about developing a reward program for involvement in competition that was different from the Pints program. This will continue to be looked at.
  • Education update:
    • There have been talks with 56 Ring regarding having classes there once a month on Saturdays with topics geared more towards technical aspects of brewing. It was also brought up about having more technical information provided during the monthly general member meetings rather than have a separate meeting.  It was decided that both methods would be tried to see how they went and how well they were attended.
  • By-law changes:
    • Changes will be sent out to the board via email for approval. Changes include position modifications and change in dues for new members.
  • 2013 Goals
    • Club Goals
      • Increase volunteer presence in the community
        • Designated driver program
        • Soup kitchen
      • Increase competition participation
        • Reward first timers
        • Reward winners
        • Develop a competition calendar
        • Acknowledge members publicly who enter and/or win competitions
        • Apply to host a club-only competition
        • Calhan
        • Oktoberfest at Sky Sox
      • Increase education
        • Instructional brewdays
        • Buddy brew
      • Increase online social activity/interaction
        • Better/easier to use forums
      • Create an online store
        • Club gear
        • Group buy
      • Expand BJCP pool
      • Create a club library
      • Have a new member who is a new brewer on the board.
    • Board Goals
      • Track board actions, have follow-up
      • Club calendar
      • Regular newsletter
      • Accept online payments
      • Document board activities
      • Develop a list of contacts (outside the club)
        • Who to talk to organize different events
      • Increase club sponsorship
      • Affiliate with a charity
      • Track membership better
      • Develop a budget with a better understanding of income and expenses

January 8, 2013

Proposed Meeting Agenda – January 2013

by flanders
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BBoPP Member Meeting Agenda January 2013

Recognize host/sponsor
Welcome New Members

Reminder of club services
Official JBCP judging for members’ beers
Amazon referral link
State of the Club

ACBF Summary and Check Presentation
New Bylaws, new prorated membership fees
Membership renewals and cards
Buddy System
Iron Buddy Brew 2013
Peterson Comp & Fest
Firkin fill
Monthly Education
Treasurer’s Report
Competition Update
Event Update

November 14, 2012

November Meeting Recap

by flanders
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If you missed the November meeting, you missed a good one!  The barrel room at Pikes Peak Brewery was awesome.

Here is a link to the full minutes:

  •  We didn’t have official elections since there were no contested positions.  There was some rearranging as follows:
    • John Haven will replace Rich Mock as VP
    • Dale Kuykendall  will take the role of secretary – this will no longer be a VP function
    • Eric Johnson & Jose Balderrama will assist Ator with the IT stuff
    • Lefty will take over Education responsibilities from John Landreman
    • John Landreman will take over Treasury duties from Johnny Garbett who will continue as the equipment custodian for the club.
    • All other positions will remain filled by the incumbent
  • The Pints Reward Program has been established.  Go here for more details:
  • Bru Bus!  There are only a few tickets left.  Get yours before they are gone!
    • Bonus! The New Belgium stop will be in their new Pilot Brewery with Assistant Brewer Brady Hull showing us the system and explaining their R & D process. They will have “some special beers on tap back there” for us. And we are supposed to have a special guest- the brewmeister from Funkwerks.
  • Biere de Rock
    • Get your entry to Justin NLT Monday night, 19 Nov 12 and he will transport your beer to be entered on Tuesday. If you can’t make it, then Rockyard in Castle Rock is an authorized drop-off point and will accept entries until 24 Nov 12.
  • Odell Competition.  This was a great event.  We will definitely be working to do more of these.  Congrats and best of luck to the winners!
    • Beer #1 – Dunkelwiess by Ben Wilder
    • Beer #2 – Belgian Quad by Justin Carpenter
    • Beer #3 – Saison by John Landreman
    • Beer #5 – IPA by Ned Brush
    • Beer #13 – Peruvian Brown by Scott Buchholz
  • Don’t forget – if you want feedback on your beer, bring it to our competition committee at the beginning of a meeting and they will line up judges to score it officially.

November 7, 2012

November Member Meeting is Tuesday

by flanders
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The November meeting is right around the corner.  It will be at Pikes Peak this month.  Full details are at the bottom of this post.
Get Involved!  We only need to fill three spots.  Check out the openings here:  We REALLY need a secretary. Let me know if you’re interested.
There are still tickets left for the Bru Bus (Sat. Nov. 17th).  Ask your friends and let’s fill this thing up.  Tickets are $50 for members and non-members.  You’ll have a blast – I promise!  More info:
If you’re interested in getting a ticket for you or a friend, please contact Michele directly:
Bring your homebrew and let’s pick our best 5 entries to compete at Odells.  If Odells picks your beer, you get to brew with them.  More info:  PLEASE BRING YOUR BEER at 5:45PM.
This month’s raffle is going to be a hybrid, so we are expecting members to bring items for the raffle.  Go buy a fancy bomber or some cool brewing gear and help support our club!
Here are the full details for the upcoming meeting:
When : Tuesday, Nov 13th at 6PM (5:45 if you’re bringing Odell comp beer)
Why : Elections, Bru Bus tix, Odell competition
Where : Pikes Peak Brewery (in the barrel room in the back)
Address & Map of Location : 1756 Lake Woodmoor Drive  Monument, CO 80132 google map
Food : On-your-own.  Either eat before the meeting, bring your own food or support Pikes Peak by eating there
Don’t Forget : RAFFLE ITEMS, Homebrew, and cash for the raffle & the beer bus
Agenda : Will be posted to website by Friday.Be there!
PS – If you’re not already signed up on meetup.comgo do it now!!  This is the last official non-meetup email.

November 7, 2012

BBoPP Board Meeting Minutes 6 Nov 2012

by flanders
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79 Of 105 members signed-up on Meet-up


The BBoPP officers met at the Space Foundation’s Area 51 lounge.  Attendance: Flanders, Dino, Johnny, Cryptid, Safe, Lefty, Landy, Hardly, Ator and Klutes.  Thanks to Ator and Kelly for hosting and the intersting tour after.


1.  Elections.  Will be held at the next meeting.  Flanders will solicit interest.  Landy is interested in taking treasurer duties from Johnny.  Lefty will take over education on his own.  Safe is interested in taking VP/Sec duties from Dino.  Flanders has some guys interested in joining the IT team.  Klutes will take on membership and Brian Paradisi will assist Hardly on the social scene.  Per our bylaws, a voice vote is required to affirm non-competed positions. We will need to modify the by-laws, since we want to have additional roles, or turn a position into a committee


2.  Raffle.  The big ticket auction hasn’t showed value so we need to reconsider for 2013.  We will buy a $25 gift certificate to Pikes Peak to augment the member’s donations and run a unified raffle.  We will also sell tickets to the Bru-Bus raffle at the next meeting.


3.  Firkin Queue.  Need to re-energize.


4.  Bru-Bus.  Still have 20 tix to sell.  Open to all at $50.  May cancel if we don’t get better participation.


5.  Paypal.  The account should be tied to the treasurer’s duties.


6.  ACBF.  Great event; awaiting or $500 charitable donation.


7.  Pints.  See attached.  (Does anyone have a soft copy of what was handed out?)


8.  Budget.  See atch 2.  (Ned, Please send what you showed last night.)


9.  Treasurer’s Report.  Nov balance $1478 but we just spent $909 for bowling shirts and $50 for T-Bone tip (minor cash flow challenged). Note: one shirt has no name and will be part of the raffle on the Bus Trip


10.  Christmas Party.  Need update from ParadisiBrew.


11.  O’Dell Comp.  Will be held at our next meeting.  Winners will be taken up on the Bru-Bus for picking the winner for a big brew session.  Cryptid will organize.


12.  AF Football Game Tailgate 2013 Season.  Hardly says we can get $5 group tix.


13.  Upcoming Event.  ‘Uncork the Season’ Nov 10 at the Calhan fairgrounds.  Biere de Rock…


14  Grain buy: $2,332.57


15  Key topics for next general mbr ship mtg



Pints program needs to be briefed

Beer Bus hard push to sell out

O’dell competition

Christmas party


16: Postponed:


Discussion on making the club a 501 © (3 or 7 ) until after the new year


17: Permissions:


Ned will change all elected officers permissions in Meet-up


18: Need to make “generic” e-mail addresses aimed at positions such as BBoPP VP…