October 9, 2012

Brew Brothers 3rd Annual Nick Brunetti Memorial BRU-BUS!!!!!

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Members!!!  Its time for the:

Brew Brothers 3rd Annual Nick Brunetti Memorial BRU-BUS!!!!!

All day Saturday, Nov. 17th 

 Why do you spell “Bru-Bus” wrong?

Glad you asked!  A little history lesson:

Once upon a time, there were homebrew clubs in Colorado Springs; one very old club that was called Deep Wort  for a time, then the name changed to Homebrewers of Pikes Peak (or HOPP)and a much newer club called Brew Brothers Brewing.  Duane Lujan was president of Deep Wort for a LONG time, and then a new guy moved to town and joined the club.  His name was Nick Brunetti and at his first meeting Duane stepped down as president and nominated Nick to take his place.  One of the first things that Nick instituted was a tradition from his Cleveland homebrew club: The Beer Bus.  So Michele and Nick worked together on this project for the first 2 years, and Brunetti, the second year, suggested inviting members of Brew Brothers Brewing along.  I think it was the first social event the 2 clubs shared.  Later there was talk of combining the 2 clubs, with Nick and John Garbett hammering out the differences. 

Just before the membership vote, we tragically lost Nick at age 32 to a sudden death.  He was a big advocate of the merger, and soon after his death the two clubs became one:  The Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak (or BBoPP).

Every year since his passing, the club has dedicated the bus trip to Nick BRUnetti.  We know that you all didn’t get to know him, but trust us that did: you really missed something amazing.  He was a force of nature!  Thus the spelling: BRU-bus. 

(Money raised in the Super-Raffle benefits his IT scholarship fund set up by his parents.)


PRICE:  $50.00 each, due at the time of ticket purchase. Checks and cash. Specify burrito selection and the email address and phone number of yourself and your family member(s) accompanying you, at the time of purchase.

SALES TIME & LOCATION: October Club Meeting,  Texas T-Bone on Centennial, beginning at 5:30 PM, until 50 tickets are sold out.

WHO: Active individual club members will get first choice.  Members with family memberships can sign up spouses and close relatives.  (This does not include your next-door neighbors or your brother-in-law from Kansas.)  If tickets remain, non-member friends are allowed to sign up, etc. The club is growing and we don’t want to crowd members off the bus. 

What do I get for the $? A beautiful Ramblin’ Express coach with bathroom.  You get a breakfast burrito on the bus; you will specify which type: bacon, chorizo or veggie; mild or hot. You get a $14.00 lunch buffet at Coopersmith that will include tax & tip (comes to about $17.50 per person).  There will be plenty for meat lovers and meat haters!!!

You get beer on the bus up and back, thanks to the generosity of members who contribute kegs.  You get tours and/or specials at all of the breweries. I will post the buffett menu at the meeting and on MeetUp.

2012 Bru-Bus Schedule


1) S Tejon Park-n-Ride,  At Tejon and I-25                             7:15 AM to 7:25 AM

2) N. Nevada Costco Parking lot (near Panera)           7:35 AM to 7:45 AM  (Note change from previous year

3) Pikes Peak Brewing in Monument                          8:10 AM to 8:20 AM 

We will leave promptly at the times listed!!!  Be on time!!!  We will not wait!!!!


Brewery Stops

New Belgium                                            Arrive 10:30 AM                    

                                                               Leave 12:20 PM

CoopersSmith  “Flex Stop”                               Arrive 12:30 PM

                                                                Food Buffet 12:45 PM

                                                                Super Raffle 1:15 PM

                                                                 Leave 3:30 PM

Equinox and Pateros Creek– Walk to and visit between the Raffle and about 3:15 PM.  The bus will leave promptly at 3:30.


Odell Brewing Co.                                    Arrive 3:40 PM

                                                              Leave 5:15 PM




1) Pikes Peak Brewing in Monument               about 7:30 PM  

2) N. Nevada Costco Parking lot (near Panera)           about 7:50 PM  

3) S Tejon Park-n-Ride,  AT Tejon and I-25              about 8:00 PM  



No glass on the bus!!!  OK to buy a pint glass and have it wrapped and bagged We will provide bubble wrap.

No driving home from the beer bus!!  Arrange a ride or call a cab. NO EXCEPTIONS

No aggressive, mean, or inappropriate behavior.  Anyone acting in a way that would get you thrown out of a bar, will be banned from future beer buses. It could jeopardize your club membership.  Get drunk and stay pleasant… or stay home.  This is a long day of drinking… pace yourself and drink lots of water

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