October 28, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes – October 2013

by flanders
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10/2/13 Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak Officers Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting will be at the Hatchcover.

Bulk Buy:

·         Lefty to chat with 56 Ring.  If 56 Ring is not interested in doing group bulk buy, Lefty will look to see if the Castle Rock Home Brew Shop is interested.

·         Follow-up = Lefty.


·         Beers pins for pints?

·         Event where if you only have pints, you will be able to join an event?  And how ever many pints you have will be the number of free beers you are eligible for?

·         Follow-up = Club will be the decider.


·         IT Director = Ray?

·         Looking for someone to be the Club Publicity Officer – this person will work with IT and President and possible the Event Coordinator.  This person will be responsible for more attention to such things as Facebook.  Officers want to more avenues for clubs presence.

·         Follow-up = Club will be the decider.

·         Follow-up = Ned – chat with Bryan about Publicity position.

Officers Incentives:

·         Dinner for officers?

·         $20/money off Beer Bus or other events?

·         Follow-up = Club will be the decider.


·         CPA has noted Raffle is not the legal term we should be using.  We need to now note Raffle as Door Prizes.

·         Follow-up = Ned – What is a Raffle?

Beer Bus:

·         Date = 11/23

·         Kegs:

o   See if we have any volunteers to donate a Keg to the Beer Bus?

o   Michele mentioned Red Leg might be willing to donate a Keg?

o   Whomever brings a full Keg will receive a Pint.

·         Jockey Box:

o   Landerman will bring his Jockey.

o   Need to bring the Club’s Jockey – I’m not sure who has the Club’s box?

o   Was suggested that Jockey box need to be on the bus at the first stop as someone on the first stop can get it working.

·         No jello shots this year.

·         What is needed on each Meet-Up Ticket:

o   Name

o   Email

o   Phone #

o   Food Option

o   Pick-Up Location

·         On Meet-Up, we need to past the Bus Behavior Rules – Michele has copy.

·         We will sell Beer Bus Raffle tickets to the Club for those that will not be on the Bus.

·         Tickets will go on sale a few days after next week meeting.

·         Price of Tickets:

o   Early Bird = $45 – this will last for 2 weeks – Members Only.

o   Late Bird = $50 – Members Only – these will be available 2 weeks after tickets go on sale.

o   Guests = $55 – Non Members – this will be available 2 weeks after tickets go on sale.

·         Approximate cost of bus last year:

o   $1050 for Bus.

o   $1000 for Lunch.

o   Not sure on the cost of Breakfast Burritos.



Pick Up Locations

1.        Park in Ride off Nevada and 25

8:40-8:50 AM

2.        Red Leg Brewery

9:00-9:10 AM

3.        Pikes Peak Brewery

9:40-9:50 AM

Beer Bus Stops

1.        Probst

11-12:30 PM

***Raffle will occur at this stop.

2.        Breck

12:45-2:30 PM

***Lunch will be served at this stop.

3.        Sandlot

2:30-3:45 PM

4.        Lone Tree

4:15-5:45 PM

Drop off Locations

1.        Pikes Peak Brewery

6:25 PM

2.        Red Leg Brewery

7:00 PM

3.        Park in Ride off Nevada and 25

7:20 PM

*Time are approximations and are subject to change.

·         Follow-ups:

o   Michelle:

§  Cost of Breakfast Burritos? – Due Friday.

§  Cost of Lunch.=? – Due Friday.

§  Cost of Bus? – Due Friday.

§  Total Cost of Trip? – Due Friday.

§  Will Red Leg be able to donate a Keg?

o   Ned:

§  CO2.

§  Meet-Up Event for Beer Bus will need to be created with the info above (name, email…etc.) and Bus Behavior Rules.

§  Work with Lori on donations for the Raffle.

§  Giving this to you because not sure who it belongs to, but someone added to check with Bier Werks and Paradox for Raffle donations.

§  Giving this to you as well…maybe you and I can work on the Price breakdown of the Raffle tickets.

o   Club:

§  Who can bring Kegs?

§  Who has Club Jockey Box? – Ned – you might already know this one?

o   Landerman:

§  Need tickets stubs so we can see Raffle tickets to those not going on the Bus but are interested in contributing to the Raffle.

o   Lefty:

§  Able to help with donations for Beer Bus – someone suggested he might be able to help?

o   Lori:

§  Work with Ned on donations for the Raffle.

§  Get tickets from Landerman for the Raffle.

§  Work with Ned on the price breakdown of the Raffle tickets.

Homebrew Huddle:

·         Decision was made to do a Meet-Up Demo to group with Rules on what is appropriate to post.

·         Follow-up = Ned and/or Tood.

Ski Day:

·         Dino brought up a Club Ski Day and will look futher into.

·         Follow-up = Dino – look into Ski Day.

Air Force Game:

·         Michele needs to get a pint for her organization in the Football Game.

·         Want to get interests in an Air Force Game for next Year – maybe the second home game.

·         Follow-up = Not sure who, but might want to look into a tall flag so people will be able to find us at larger events.


·         Ray will be our guy.

·         Server – should we move off Steve’s server?

·         Cost of server $70/year.

·         Follow-up = Club – Should we purchase a Club Server?

Next Meetings Options:

·         Black Forest Meadery.

·         Woody’s.

October Beer Club Happy Hour Friday:

·         Paradox.

·         Follow-up = Club – Need to find a location to carpool.

All CO Beer Fest:

·         Date = 11/2.

·         Short one judge.

·         Need 1-2 supporters from the Club for the Brewers.

·         53-55 Breweries will be attending the fest.

·         Tickets are on sale.

·         We have a good representation from the Club for judges and stewards.

Notes from John:

·         Gazette Completion still out there.

·         AHA Homebrew Day will have two systems for demonstrating with different hops.

·         Pick-up Truck is needed for the AHA Homebrew day.

·         Is Club registered with AHA?

·         Where are we going to donate our money?

o   Soup Kitchen.

o   Crosses for Losses.

o   Lyons.

·         Front Range competition cut off is November 1st.

·         Bier de Garde judging sign up is in October for December judging.

·         Follow-up = Club – Pick-Up Truck is needed.

·         Follow-up = Club – Where are we going to donate our money?

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