January 18, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes – November 2013

by flanders
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6 November 2013

Executive Meeting

At Phantom Canyon (Downtown Colorado Springs)

Attending: Ned Brush, John Haven, Mike McGuckin, Michele Gandy, John Landreman, Greg Mizell, Brian Paradisi, Lori Paradisi, Rich Mock, Ray Smith ??? verify, I didn’t make good notes here

Next general meeting (GM):

13 November, 6PM, at Downtown Fine Spirits & Wine, 103 South Wahsatch Ave, 80903. Don’t forget to bring your homebrew.  Last month we had a great homebrew table – let’s keep the momentum going — Bring Your Homebrew!   If it’s good, show it off.  If it’s bad, seek feedback from many of our qualified judges.  I know you’ve got some beer – bring it!  Bring a raffle item and help support the club! Buy beer and your raffle item at our host’s store!! Support both our club and our host; remember, there is no food served at the spirits & wine store.

Recap of events:

56 Ring Grain Buy: 43 bags were sold at a 5% mark-up to the club

ACBF: Huge event – Safe to discuss

Rocky Mountain Homebrew Club Challenge 2013: The first round of judging was completed on 10 Nov. Our club had 2 judges and 1 steward present

New / recurring:

Brew Bus:

  • Need to make a $220 security deposit and an additional $1,000 is due on the 13th. Forty three tickets are sold and there are still 9 tickets for sale. Ticket Price $45?, start time 09:30, locations – Prost, Sandlot, lunch, Epic and Lonetree on the way home.

  • Landy in charge of beer

  • Lefty & Brian in charge of donations

  • Raffle to be held @ 11AM Prost (expected arrival time 10AM)

  • Expendables: Ice, glasses, burritos, trash bags, paper towels, bubble wrap, tape, raffle tickets. Reusable: Jockey Box, Real towels, white board, markers & eraser


Portable Microphone System: Purchase was made by SAFE at COSTCO

Announce the winner of the Nick Brunette scholarship award.

The Club is nominating itself for the R annual award.

  • Safe has developed the rough outline

  • Josh Howard will write the first draft

  • We need pictures, an annual report, a club song, any activity that a member of the club was involved with, slide shows, videos (let’s use Axe’s Cream Ale), etc.

    • Ned will write the annual report


Wort Transformation – Chris? Timeline – after the new year; Chris to Judge? Lefty is the lead

Science on Tap – After New Year – Dino and Greg M met with the “crowd” on Monday. Dr Ken Andrews, the microbiologist at Bristol, has already pitched them as well as a spirit lecture from Mike Myers.  So we need a different twist.  Their calendar is booked for Dec so Greg left his contact info.


Bi-Law Update: Revise term limits and the mission statement (Educational 501 c 3)

Grain Buy update: $20 to the good and 53 bags purchased

  • Safe to check with Smiling Toad for a future purchase


Review of Equipment Buy List: We need to review the priorities of the list.

  • The laptop has not been purchased

  • Possible server purchase


Ski Trip: Deposit made: March 22 ski day at A Basin, parking spot #3 will have a picnic table and two parking spaces for our delivery vehicles.  Bring beach chairs, beer and food.  And get a four pack for A-Basin/Keystone before they sell out.

Peterson Air Force Base: Accepting all styles. Drop-off will be 10-24 Jan 2014; Judging is 7 & 8 Feb 14; Fest is Friday night 21 Feb 14

Elections: Who is running and who is swapping positions? Josh Howard to assume the Secretary & Public Affairs Role; Ray Smith to be the IT lead; need a succession plan and better “training” for at-large members

General membership Meeting: Remind folks to eat before coming. ?? Did we want to cater?? It’s a bit late to get numbers – Lefty has lead – checking with Front Range BBQ.

Consider a meeting at Duane’s Rocky Mountain Brewery? Consensus was no – move on

Pins were in – Ned had a sample to pass around

Pay Pal:  Tax ID – if we move $20,000 in funds, we will be “reported” to the IRS…

501 C 3: Needs to be based upon education and training. Sidney or Ned need to make it happen – or pay a company to make it happen.

Compensation for Officers: Ned has not sent it out for comment

VP & Secretary: Most likely will be joined again – unless Josh takes over the secretary role with Public affairs

Need for an Equipment Custodian: Big Bob has volunteered to take this role. Need to add this position to the charter and expand the role; manage, repair, etc.

At Large members: Need them to attend meetings and should be a grooming path to becoming a board member – or because they bring needed expertise in a specific area.

Charities Selected: We will ask the ACBF team to donate directly – on behalf of the BBoPP — $250 each to Care & Share, and Crosses for Losses. If we get more, we will add the Manitou Relief Fund

Friday socials: Next location ??

Membership Report:

Treasurer Report:

Pints Report:


Rocky Mountain Homebrew Challenge 16 Nov 13

Biere de Rock 7 Dec 13

Big Beers, Belgium’s and Barley Wines 10 Jan 2014

Peterson AFB: 7&8 Feb 2014


Peterson AFB Fest: 21 Feb 2014

Dredhop and Regalle: 22 Feb 2014

2014 Peak-to-Peak ProAm: 22 Mar 2014

1st Round of AHA Nationals: April 2014

8 Seconds of Froth: 17 May 2014

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