April 3, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes – March 2013

by flanders
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BBoPP Executive Meeting

5 March 2013

Rock Bottom

  • Members in attendance were:   **Name** means the task is your – need not be present to win!!

    • Lefty, Safe, Dino, Flanders, Hardly Brew; Landy; Axe; Klute

  • John Haven gave a detailed de-briefing of the PAFB event

    • Invoice has been submitted to The Club

    • Final report has been submitted to AHA

      • Dino verified he has received points for judging the event

  • There was a consensus agreement to offer At-Large board positions to:

  1. Bob Gray (Big Bob)

  2. Steven Shelton (Sting Brew, formerly Sling Brew)

    1. Consider adding:

      1. Marc Malenfant

      2. Greg Mizell

  • Some of the remaining SWAG will be auctioned off in a silent auction at the next general membership meeting (proceeds to buy Brewing related books for the Pikes Peak Library District [PPLD]) and the remainder will be added to the next raffle ** Safe**

  • Do you have old brewing or beer related magazines you want to get rid of? If so, bring them to our general membership meetings. We will bind them into yearly issues and plan to make them available thru PPLD.**Safe**, **Lefty**, **Dino** Need Donations

  • Efforts to build up the brewing industry in the Southern Colorado area: Look for volunteers to become BBoPP liaisons to local business, especially our sponsors. Lefty has volunteered to work with Paul at 56 Ring; recommend yeasts and grains to stock; establish as a low cost CO2 distributor; potential Big Brew South, etc.; others are needed to advise Woody at High Country; Old West; Rock Bottom; etc.**Need Volunteers**

  • Club Resources: The goal is to store and issue from a commercial location such as 56 Ring. We also need to define usage rules and costs, for example use the jockey box and 20 pound CO2 tank costs $5 per use because the CO2 is an expendable and needs to be refilled as a cost to the club. No fee for non-expendables**Lefty**

  • Firkin fill – needs to be scheduled and the results needs to be shared at a party for the BBs. **Big Bob**

  • Do we want to make a current picture a requirement on Meet-up? TABLED **Flanders**

  • Meetings accountability and name tags: **Flanders**

    • We need a sign-in roster to track attendance statistics

    • We need permanent officer name tags

    • We need to purchase “disposable” name tag holders

    • We would like to be able to print name tags with the BBoPP logo on them

  • E-mail accounts: **Flanders**

    • Organizational accounts such as BBoPP President, Competition Coordinator, etc. coming soon

    • Need to replace the old club contact (registered with AHA) with a new contact address. Axe is currently monitoring BrewBros.com and this role needs to be assigned with the new address

  • Membership: **Flanders**

    • We have 105 members signed-upon Meet-up and 25 not signed-up on Meet-up

    • We have 56 paid members and 37 who have not paid their annual dues

      • A reminder e-mail to pay  dues and to sign the liability waiver was sent to the 37 members

  • Laptop purchase / donation:

    • The need to add a laptop computer to our equipment/office supply was discussed and was TABLED **Safe**, **Flanders**, **Big Bob**

      • Check with Big Bob to see if we can get an inexpensive used laptop **Safe**

      • Axe to use his Chrome Book on Saturday when he presents Cream Ales (evaluate capabilities) **Axe**

  • Google Docs: **Flanders**

    • You can upload Windows based docs and convert to Google Chrome for presentation

    • Need to make repository available

    • Need to allow others to upload

    • Need a training / overview presented to membership

  • Meet-up**Flanders**

    • Need a training / overview presented to membership

    • Need feedback from members

    • Problem – will do single member, but not family membership

  • Point People:

    • **Hardly Brew** is lead for events like (Salida, Brew Bus, etc.)

    • Need a lead for events like Big Brew, website uploads, etc. .**Need Volunteers**

    • Greg Mizell & Lou have been entering upcoming events into Meet-up for others to see

      • List of upcoming competitions

      • Google can send an automatic reminder to all of cut-off dates

    • Cryptid is Competition Coordinator

  • Planned replacements for 2013 – 2015: .**Need Volunteers**

    • Ator would like to step down as IT lead – need a replacement

    • Marc Malenfant to replace Dino as El Paso Fair coordinator

    • Safe to lead PAFB for 2014, need a 2015 replacement

    • Add Big Bob and Sting Brew as At-Large Members

    • Officers for 2013 election

    • Need to groom replacements

      • Greg Mizell

      • Gary Gagnon

      • Pat Duby

      • Other interested new members

  • Pay Pal working fine, but requires monitoring; also 3% surcharge, so plan on this expense

    • Consider using as a means to pay for 2014 PAFB competition **Safe**

  • Consider using Zen Cart for the next grain buy **Lefty**

  • Consider change the club name to Home Brewers of Pikes Peak vs Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak **Flanders**

  • Need to register our next testing date – December 2014 is next available **Safe**, **Axe**

    • Need to engage the Pueblo brewers (no judges in Pueblo)

    • Woodland Parks Clubs?

    • Does Pueblo have a homebrew shop?

  • General membership meeting and mini-chili completion – may reschedule due to weather; decision time is @ 10AM Saturday **Flanders**

  • Upcoming club events TABLED ( time was running out) **Flanders**

    • Big Brew, need a POC and location(s)

      • Pikes Peak; 56 Ring; Woody’s shop; multiple locations?

  • Buddy Brewers due in September **Flanders**

  • Possible equipment purchase:

    • Laptop

    • Portable 1 barrel homebrew system with pump

    • Wood barrel

  • 501 c 3 status:**Sid**, **Flanders**SAFE**

    • Need to go for the c3 status vs c7 status:

      • Based upon training provided by the club & community support

        • Support:

          • Purchased projector; printer; screen; laptop?

          • Monthly presentations to membership

          • BJCP judge training & testing

          • Revamped website to have a training section w/links

          • Guest speakers at general membership meetings

          • Support to ACBF (fellow 501 c 3) to help then increase charitable donations

          • El Paso County fair – educate the community

          • Big Brew days – educate the community

          • Support to PAFB event and future BB table —  educate the community

          • Support to beer walking around program – education the community

          • Support to establish Brewing section at the Pikes Peak Library District

          • Brew days at various homes to teach others/improve brewing techniques

          • BB support by providing Judges and stewards to other CO events

          • Etc…

  • Pints: Award must be sustainable, attainable and the memento needs to be lasting, unique and publically presented **Landy**

    • 4 to earn first glass

    • 8 pint award (max $20) TABLED

    • 12 pint award (??) TABLED

      • Possible 12 pint mementos:

        • Beer Boot

        • Ceramic Growler

        • Engraved stemmed snifter glass

    • Points are earned by an individual, and are not combined as in a family membership

    • Consensus – move out – spend the money on the deserving members; bring recommendations to next meeting

  • Recognize Marlene **Flanders**

  • Desire for Cicerone training / presentation at one of our membership meetings**Dino**

    • https://cicerone.org/content/certified-beer-server

    • Certified Beer Server; this is the first level of certification in the Cicerone program.

    • Prerequisites – None

    • Exam Format & Components – 60-question multiple choice exam, administered online. A grade of 75% is required to pass. Candidates must also pass a short quiz about the Cicerone program. Each payment allows you 2 attempts to achieve a passing score.

    • Exam Cost – $69

    • Initiating an Exam – Become a registered user on this site and then access the exam from your “My Account” page.

    • Knowledge Area Responsibilities – The Certified Beer Server requires competent knowledge of beer storage and service issues as well as modest knowledge of beer styles and culture and basic familiarity with beer tasting and flavors and basic knowledge about brewing process and ingredients. Knowledge of the Cicerone Certification Program’s levels and titles is also required. The Certified Beer Server Syllabus outlines the knowledge required for this Exam. To access the Certified Beer Server Syllabus, click below: https://cicerone.org/sites/default/files/Certified%20Beer%20Server%20Syllabus%20v1-2.pdf

  • The BBoPP Website needs a face lift. TABLED *Safe**, **Flanders**

    • Need a volunteer lead

      • Robert Dunn has agreed to help us with a focus on our social media.

        • He is waiting for us to provide direction and ask him to assist

      • Limitations on hosting platform – what are they?? **Ator**, **Flanders**

        • Cost vs benefits

        • Alternative locations?

    • Will draft out “look, feel & content” **Safe**, Flanders**

      • Automate functions of PAFB

      • Training

      • Links

      • Etc.

    • Monthly News Letter will be homed on the web site

Needs someone to write it .**Need Volunteers**

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