June 10, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes – June 2013

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5 June 2013

Executive Meeting

Hosted at Bristol (Ivywild)

Attending: Ned Brush, John Haven, Rich Mock, Mike Bordick, Mike McGuckin, Michele Gandy, John Landreman, Bryan Paradisi, Lori, (Brian Guest ??), Greg Mizell

Next general meeting (GM) is 11 June, 6PM, at Brewer’s Republic 112 N Nevada, Colorado Springs, CO (719) 633-2105 – we have the rooftop. Parking is on the street, meters until 6PM, or Kiowa Street Parking Garage, 127 East Kiowa Street. Open 24 Hours, 7 days per week, Rates: $ 1.00 after 2:00 p.m.

Brewing Gadgets is the theme for next month’s general membership meeting. Ned has two items (also mentioned Devil’s Backbone – I don’t know what that is); Chiller; Temperature Controller

Brian Mark, Manager of RockBottom asked if the Brew Brothers would run a tent at The Springs Beer Fest, America the Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs; July 20 and talk-up his competition that we judged. This festival is moving from the shade of Antlers Park to America the Beautiful Park, and is a great way to while away a hot summer afternoon. Along with some 50 brewers, past years have had live music, beer trivia contests, a jumping castle, slide, bungee jump and a rock climbing wall. Past years have seen long lines for beer samples, though organizers assure that the new location and expanded brewer lineup will ease such woes. The Board voted to support the tent at the Springs Beer Fest.

John Haven discussed a possible training/experience program for the Club BJCP judges. Many ideas were voiced and he will capture them and send the updated program for review and comment.

The need to encourage more members to bring homebrew to the monthly meetings was discussed.  The incentive of a raffle just for those that brought beer was proposed along with a computer generated random number generator to drive it. No decision was reached – possible subject for discussion at GM.

A discussion to develop a set of rules for Meetup was started. The directive was to develop rules for use and that “the executive board” should have the power to grant exceptions to the rule.  Additionally, there was a recommendation that offenders must buy a round (I assume for the members of the executive committee). The following is a possible set of rules – if the decision they are needed is made:

Only beer focused opportunities or events that will benefit the majority of the club members may be posted on Meet-up. For Example: Opportunity to purchase items at sale prices; meetings (club or brew days, judging opportunities, car pools, etc.); informational – must be beer focused (new homebrew shop), etc.

Approval for other than the above will be made by the Club President and Vice President. If they cannot reach an agreement, then the Treasurer will cast the deciding vote. (Note: Elected board members)

Grain Buy: K&B offered to allow us to buy grain when they purchase their next shipment. It was decided that bulk grain buys must be through our supplier partners; individuals can go the K&B if route

Also, a few bags of grain remain at 56 Ring awaiting pick-up

Cash Mob at 56 Ring. Can we quantify? My recommendation is each person post their purchase amounts on Meetup or something similar. Worse case, one person gets e-mails from all that purchased and adds the numbers. Additionally, it was recommended that we have a “Brew of the Month” and llet Paul know early enough that he stock the Hops and Yeast for that style of brew.

All GM meetings should have a theme.

A proposal was brought up to focus on three major competitions plus Peterson AFB per year.  The State Fair, the Rocky Mountain Homebrew Challenge and 8 Seconds of Foam. Again the possible incentives for entering were discussed: pints, raffle, etc – maybe focus on those that win medals.

Membership report: 107 paying members, 10 new members; 13 not on Meet-up; 5 Honorary

Sky Sox Baseball. Tuesday 18 Jun @ 7:05PM. Tickets almost sold out.  Tailgating: Michele will get there early and will be in charge of food; Beer – we need a volunteer to lead this. Who is going on the field for the 1st pitch? Need to add parking location to meetup. John L had the banner. Grills, Food??

Salida: Tickets limited to 90 total. 70 to BBoPP and 20 to Rock Hoppers. Jenny (Mrs Lefty) will do “fancy coffee / espresso) early. Theme will be Cowboys and Indians. Next year, have T-shirts  made and boost ticket costs to cover.

Rails and Ales – last weekend in Jun.  Plan for this next year.

Need to brainstorm competition participation. Let’s award medals earned at the GM.

El Paso County Fair beer drop off locations?  56 ring?

How do you keep a big club small? Do we have N, E, S, W events (brew days)?

Saturday Education: How often and at what level? Advanced – sours, blending sours? How do you crash a beer? Advanced members do while less experience brewers watch?  Intermediate level where the intermediates do and the advance guide as needed? Need to establish stepping stones; a sponsor leads or guides; what are the topics and read a heads must be available; criteria for success; who brews…

Pints: Two boots were passed around for review and discussion. One was $15 and one was $18. This is without engraving which could raise the price to $30 plus shipping. A pin process (4, 8, 16, 32) was also discussed.  No consensus was reached, but most board members leaned towards a nicer glass and a pin.

Craft Larger Fest Judging either 27 July or 3 Aug; probably need 8 judges, a criteria for selection may need to be made. If so, it will be by ranking.

Peoples Choice Idea. Brew a big batch of wort, various brewers will add hops, yeast of their choice and later the varieties will be judged. The brewery sponsoring will then brew a large batch for distribution.

ACBF: A proposal was made that we ask ACBF to donate $500 directly to Designated Drivers of Colorado Springs on behalf of the BBoPP. Possibly, we want the money donated but that we want books of individual vouches in exchange (get the military discount too). Otherwise, the locations where you can get a ride from are very limited.

Individual Ride Vouchers Now Available!
Individual ride vouchers will allow an individual to use our designated driver service from any location within our service area during normal service hours. Individuals can be at a house, business or non-participating location and qualify for ride service as long as they have a voucher in their possession. Individual vouchers are available in books of 10 for a donation of $100 per book. A discount of 10% is available for the purchase of 5-10 books, 15% discount for 11-15 books, and 20% discount for 16 or more books. Military and public safety officials (fire, police, EMT) receive a 50% discount on all books. Call our office at 719-466-4768 during regular business hours to purchase your ride vouchers today!

Q. Is my sponsorship tax deductible?
A. Yes. We are a Non-Profit so your business can deduct your sponsorship as a charitable donation OR an advertising expense. Not only do you help save lives and careers, you get great advertising AND you get to write it off at the end of the year.

Q. Are you guys for real?
A. Yes, we are for real. We will drive you AND your car home for FREE! We do encourage tips for our drivers, that helps them pay for gas and earn a few honest dollars.

Q. How much should I tip the drivers?
A. We really cannot say. You give what you want, what you feel is fair for the distance they drove you and the time they spent. What we can say is their average tip is $20. If they are taking you a long distance from where they picked you up from, please consider tipping more than the average for their time and fuel. The tips get split between the two drivers and they use their tips to pay for their fuel. Remember, they are not bringing you a burger or delivering a pizza, they are driving you home safely AND your vehicle is parked at your house when you wake up.

Stainless Steel insulated Growlers:

Do we want to get some made / take orders?


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