January 16, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes – January 2014

by flanders
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8 January 2014

Executive Meeting

At Michele Gandy “new home”

Attending: Ned Brush, John Haven, Mike McGuckin, Michele Gandy, John Landreman, Greg Mizell, Rich Mock, Ray Smith, Dave Carpenter, Bob Grey, Axe

Next general meeting (GM):

14 January, 6PM, at Red Leg Brewing Company, 4630 Forge Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. They are normally closed on Tuesdays but are hosting our club meeting.  Bring a raffle item and help support the club! Buy beer, growler fills, swag, and gift cards from our host. Buy your raffle item from our host and support both our club and our host; remember, there is no food served at Red Legs.


  • Safe briefed the PAFB status: This is the club’s #1 event of the year

  • State of the Club to be briefed at 14 Jan meeting

  • Exiting Officers Award

  • What new member gave the most to the club in 2013?

  • 501 (c) 3 – Ned to make it happen

  • Pints for John and Denise – hosted Brew Day

  • Need to check the status of the server move from Stephen to site of Ray’s choice

  • Need to migrate documents from Ned to Google Drop Box

  • Define roles during transition

  • IT meeting needs to be planned and include Ned, Greg, Ray and John

  • Need to present new officers and at large members; roles folks moved from and to

  • CEP: for BJCP judges – training and experience for judges

  • Firkin: Axe to fill for PAFB; Nike Muller to take it after that

  • We want to move towards “style based meetings” – brew a style, taste and discuss

  • What events do we plan to support during 2014

    • Need an annual calendar:

      • PAFB

      • Ski trip

      • Big Brew Day

      • El Paso County Fair

      • Baseball and Football Games (tail gating)

      • Salida

      • Iron Brew

      • Brew Bus

      • Buddy Brew

      • Etc.

  • We need training sessions for all; they should be tiered; senior brewers need to learn too – they can’t always be the teachers; we need stretch goals

  • We need to conduct a survey of members – what level do you think you are

    • Incorporate it into the new member’s application

  • Remind members of the opportunity to submit beers for judging by our own judges. Provide their name, the style, any special ingredients or process; free to members

  • Do we have any special people we want to invite to PAFB?  Keith Villa, Mike Bristol, Etc

  •  ?? some special beer Friday Michele to lead?? Starts with a Q??

  • New membership form – John reviewed and provided comments to Ned

  • New Member sign-up process – John to review and comment

  • Facebook Acceptance? Who are administrators? Can we change the “name”…

  • BJCP National Judges: Axe and Landy; qualified to take the written exam: Ator, Flanders, SkyBrew and Lefty; Ator and SkyBrew to take written in March 2014

Recap and updates for GM meeting:

Elections and naming of delegates November 2013:

Greg to be president; John to be VP; Josh Howard to assume the Secretary & Public Affairs Role; Ray Smith to be the IT lead; Bob Grey to be the equipment manager; VP & Secretary: Most likely will be joined again

New Years Brew Day:

Biere de Rock Winners:

Big Beers and Barley Wine Winners

Executive Board Meeting 8 January 2014:

Review of Equipment Buy List:

Portable Microphone System:

Laptop Purchase:

The ACBF on behalf of the BBoPP donated  –- $250 to Care & Share, $125 to Crosses for Losses and $125 to the Manitou Relief Fund

Old Business:

The Club is nominating itself for the AHA Radegast Club of the Year

  • Safe developed the rough outline

  • Josh Howard wrote the first draft

  • We need pictures, an annual report, a club song, any activity that a member of the club was involved with, slide shows, videos (let’s use Axe’s Cream Ale), etc.

    • Ned will write the annual report


Wort Transformation – Chris? Timeline – after the new year; Chris to Judge? Lefty is the lead

Science on Tap – After New Year – Dino and Greg M met with the “crowd” on Monday. Their calendar is booked for 2013, so Greg left his contact info.


Bi-Law Update: Revise term limits and the mission statement (Educational 501 c 3); expand on equipment custodian role

Ski Trip: Deposit made: March 22 ski day at A Basin, parking spot #3 will have a picnic table and two parking spaces for our delivery vehicles.  Bring beach chairs, beer and food.  And get a four pack for A-Basin/Keystone before they sell out.

Peterson Air Force Base: Accepting all styles. Drop-off will be 10-24 Jan 2014; Judging is 7 & 8 Feb 14; Fest is Friday night 21 Feb 14

501 C 3: Needs to be based upon education and training. Sidney or Ned need to make it happen – or pay a company to make it happen.

Compensation for Officers: Ned has not sent it out for comment

At Large members: Need them to attend meetings and should be a grooming path to becoming a board member – or because they bring needed expertise in a specific area.

Membership Report:

Treasurer Report:

Pints Report:


AHA Round One: Registration for this year’s AHA National Homebrew Competition (NHC) will be different than previous years. To avoid the time-sensitive nature of the first come, first served model of past years, the 2014 competition will have an open registration period from Monday, January 27 through Sunday, February 2, during which members of the American Homebrewers Association can register for the competition. The time at which registration is submitted will have no influence on registrants, so there is no need to sign up as soon as registration opens, nor any value to waiting until the last minute.

Judging will be 12 April 2014

Peterson AFB: 7&8 Feb 2014



Contact: Marciano Olivo Phone:   (970) 685-0805

Entry Deadline: 02/07/2014


Reggale and DredHop Boulder, CO

Contact: Gray Slater Phone:   (303) 250-6972

Entry Fee: $7.00 / entry Entry Deadline: 02/06/2014


Brew Hut Annual Aurora, CO

Contact: Geoff Humphrey Phone:   (303) 885-7287

Entry Fee: 0 Entry Deadline: 02/22/2014


2014 Peak-to-Peak ProAm Longmont, CO

Contact: Don Blake Phone:   (303) 726-4364

Entry Fee: 7 Entry Deadline: 03/14/2014


AHA National Homebrew Competition 1st Round, Denver, CO Arvada, CO

Contact: Don Blake Phone:   (303) 828-4678

Entry Fee: $14 for AHA Members only Entry Deadline: 03/17/2014


7th Annual Liquid Poetry Slam 2014 (no web site) Fort Collins, CO

Contact: Cy Bevenger Phone:   (307) 399-5368

Entry Deadline: 04/04/2014


8 Seconds of Froth Cheyenne, WY

Contact: Doug Schmidt Phone:   (307) 637-0190

Entry Fee: $7 Entry Deadline: 05/03/2014


Beer focused events:

4th Annual Winter Beer Fest Saturday, February 15, 2014 The Ute Pass Cultural Center – 210 E. Midland Ave. Woodland Park, CO Time: 2pm to 6pm. Cost: $17.50 advanced, $35 at the door.

Peterson AFB Fest: 21 Feb 2014

Bristol 10th Annual Firkin Rendezvous: 22 Feb 2014

Colorado Craft Beer Week:

March 21, 2014 8:00 am – March 29, 2014 11:00 pm

Colorado Springs area Craft Drink Week – tentatively 27 Apr – 3 May 2014

BBoPP supporting with Big Brew Day at PPBC

Big Brew Day: 3 May 2014

If it’s good, show it off.  If it’s bad, seek feedback from many of our qualified judges.

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