February 5, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes – February 2013

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Meeting Minutes

BBoPP Executive Council

29 January 2013

The meeting was held at Pipes Peak in Monument from 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Attending were:

Ned Brush (Flanders) John Haven (Safe) Rich Mock (Dino)
Stephen Shelton (Ator) John Landreman (Landy) John Garbett (Johhny Brew)
Michele Gandy (Hardly Brew) Mike McGuckian(Lefty)

A discussion was started by Ned in reference to roles for Stephen and that all tasks are not necessarily IT. For example, the need to develop an architecture for files, where to post them, the formation of club e-mails (president, VP, Comp Coord), etc, are not solely the responsibility of IT.

(We need to break tasks into achievable pieces and solicit member to volunteer)

discussion was started in reference to the Pikes Peak Library District establishing/expanding a section for home brewers.  Rich Mock has action to pursue.

A discussion was started in reference to charities and that we would rather donate time vs money. Additional points: we still have $700 for the Nick foundation and $500 for other charities. We need to gather nominations and select a charity for 2013.

A discussion was started in reference to member liability. The consensus of the committee was that all members of the BBoPP must sign a liability waiver each year as part of the renewal process. We currently have approximately 110 members and 43 have not signed the liability waiver.

Only 21 members have renewed via Pay Pal. The price is $21 an individuals and $27 for a family.

Michelle and Lefty are going to pick-up the PAFB entries from the various drop-off locations. Michelle will do Arvada, Boulder and Ft Collins; Lefty will do Aurora, Monument and Colorado Springs. The board voted a $50 allowance to each for gas and food.

A discussion was started in reference to Blast-outs by Ned. The committee agreed that they should be of either a single topic or similar items. Blasts should be for PAFB entry reminders, PAFB Judges needed, etc.

A review of PAFB 2012 was initiated:

  1. A big issue that surfaced was the confusion at the visitor’s center. It was recommended that we post a sign denoting this is the pick-up/drop-off location, time a vehicle is expected to stop there and a POC phone number to call (remember cells coverage is poor).
  2. Designated Drivers – The Club and BBoPP (Need a lead here)
  3. Carpool coordination for the BBoPP (Need a lead here – maybe just Match-up)
  4. Billeting – awaiting for Curtis to provide the answer – (I’ll ask Axe to follow-up)
  5. Maps to The Club (John to get and provide to Stephen who will post on the website)
  6. Pints to those who put in the effort
  7. What do we do with the 1,000 or so empty bottles? Give them to club members who work the event and then to anyone who wants bottles? Make case of bottles a raffle prize?
  8. Sorting plan to “finalized” by John and Gary Garman on 31 Jan. Need to shoot for Monday 4 Feb and NLT  6 Feb
  9. Need to remind Curtis that beers need to be refrigerated as soon as he receives them
  10. Need a volunteer to fill the firkin – any 5 gallons will do
  11. Johnny G has many dots – we need to get them and use them as identifiers of payments not received. The dot comes off and your entry makes the competition
  12. A discussion was started in reference to giving Geoff a $50 incentive to update his software and add features we need for PAFB
  13.  A discussion was started in reference to going back to all BBoPP entries are free – or stick to the honor system and brewers include cash or check with their entries after the 3 free entries. A decision must be made today and an e-mail blast announcing any change be sent to only BBoPP
  14. Curtis has approximately 60 medals – we need to make the categories fall under his number
  15. A discussion was started in reference to any entry scoring below 30 does not qualify for a medal.  The competition coordinator will make that call (after discussions with axe and Johhny)
  16. A list of expectations needs to be given to Curtis:
    1. Beer and Pizza at the sorting
    2. Donuts / bagels the morning of the 9th
    3. Swag for judges and stewards
    4. $$ to BBoPP for each entry
    5. DD s and vans for judging and the fest
    6. What else??

A discussion was started in reference to renewing Meet-up. Although not ideal, it is adequate and the motion to renew was approved.

A discussion was started in reference to purchasing a projector and screen. A motion was passed approving the purchase of the items researched and recommended by Ned.

A discussion was started in reference to charities and it was confirmed that the $700 for Nick and the $500 received from the ACBF are separate and need to be dispersed separately.

A discussion was started in reference to supporting the possible Octoberfest sponsored by Quest at the stadium on Barnes. A motion was approved to open discussion and Rich Mock has the lead.

A discussion was started in reference to moving forward to obtain 501 C3 status.  A motion was approved to ask Sidney to proceed even though initial expense to file federally is $400.

A discussion was started in reference to the need for back-ups to key positions and that attendance at these meetings is expected and required. For example PAFB competition is within 2 weeks and Justin, Greg and Steve couldn’t make the meeting (weather may have been an issue) ;their support is needed.

A discussion was started in reference to the completion at Rock Bottom:

  1. There are 19 styles listed
  2. 10 BBoPP members have entries
  3. There is a meeting scheduled for Tuesday – the consensus was move it until after PAFB judging
  4. How are the BBoPP going to judge this event?
  5. Judging should be after the 22th – there are only 28 entries – less than 10 judges are needed
  6. Ned to get with Rock Bottom and explain / discuss

The Brew Hut completion is 10 Feb and is impacting our judge pool. We may have more conflicts next year and need to work to de-conflict early

The 24th Annual Reggale and DredHop Homebrew Competition is 23 Feb – Registration is open until they reach 420 entries and will be accepted till 10:00 am Feb. 15, 2013

A discussion was started in reference to the Colorado Brewers Guild. The committee consensus is that our relationship with Bristol has weakened a bit and that we need to rejuvenate it – so yes, we want to do an event with them. (We need a lead here)

A discussion was started in reference to the 3rd week of March being Colorado Brewers Guild Craft Beer week.  More info/research needed here.

A discussion was started in reference to hosting the Annual Brew Day in May. The committee consensus was to support the event. (We need a lead here)

A discussion was started in reference to holding our March meeting at 56th Ring and making it a Chili pot luck event (with many diverse types).  We discussed if it should also be a chili completion and the committee consensus was for no competition.

The next BBoPP general membership meeting is scheduled for 5 Feb at Pikes Peak. Support our sponsors, buy their beer and food.

A discussion was started in reference to having a “Hang-out” meeting on Saturday 9 March. All would bring food and beer and a fun time would be had by all. The event would also be open to family members – kids too. (We need a lead here)

John Landreman showed the new “pints” glass to be awarded to those with 4 or more points (he will address the few who have more than 4 points at a later time). He is ordering 36 glasses to cover current needs.

A discussion was started in reference to expanding our website. Ned mentioned that the Maltose Falcons web site is a great example http://www.maltosefalcons.com/ and Johnny mentioned that they are the oldest home brewing club. The committee consensus was that we are arelatively new club and are making many good improvements, but we need more support from our members. We need to break our goals into bit size pieces that individuals can accomplish as their contribution to the club.

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