January 15, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes 6 Nov 2012

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Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak

Officers’ Meeting

January 2, 2013
Location: Phantom Canyon
Start time: 6:00 pm

Members in attendance : Landy, Greg Mizell, Jose Balderrama, Eric Johnson, Lefty, Ator, Michele, Rob Patterson, Greg Aubuchon, Safe, Dino, Cryptid, Michael

  • Finances: Discussion was had at length regarding the club obtaining 501c3 or 501c7 status due to current income. It was decided that more information needed to be obtained regarding what counted as income before a final decision was made.
  • Treasurer Report: The information on the bank account needs to be changed to have the access updated for the new board members/positions.
  • Competitions:
    • Peterson:
      • Currently have 2 people signed up as judges.
      • There are about 70 beers registered.
      • Fliers were sent to all Colorado homebrew clubs.
      • Need to have people work on requesting donations for the event.
      • The BBoPP website needs to be updated for the competition.
      • Judging will be held on February 8 and 9
      • The fest will be on February 22
      • Discussion was had regarding limiting the amount of free entries for BBoPP members. Currently the registration software does not do that. It was decided that club members will be limited to 3 free entries and then will have to pay after that.
    • The question was raised regarding doing the competition in Calhan again.  It was also discussed that there are several places that have asked the club to assist with hosting a competition.
      • A packet of information needs to be developed to hand out to places that want help hosting a competition.
  • Membership:
    • Discussion was had regarding annual dues for members. The question was raised as to whether the current amount should be modified. The question also came up regarding new member dues (currently $20/yr or $10/6 mos). It was decided that dues for new members would be based on a quarterly fee schedule: $20 if first quarter, $15 if second, $10 if third and $5 if fourth quarter. Existing member renewal fees would remain $20. Also, existing members would have 90 days each year to get their annual dues paid.
    • PayPal should be set up by the end of next week. Once set up, members will be able to pay their dues through Meetup via PayPal.
    • It was discussed that there needs to be a way to track member attendance at meetings so we have a better understanding of member activity. Ideas for tracking this are going to be explored.
  • Board update:
    • With the expansion and breakout of several board positions, email addresses are being created for the position rather than utilize the current members’ personal email. The email address will allow smoother transition when positions change and better management of information. Each board position will have an email address for their position that can be set to forward to their personal email.
  • Pints update:
    • Glasses have been ordered. They will not arrive in time for the January general member meeting, so the first round of Pints Rewards will be handed out in the February meeting. Discussion was also had about developing a reward program for involvement in competition that was different from the Pints program. This will continue to be looked at.
  • Education update:
    • There have been talks with 56 Ring regarding having classes there once a month on Saturdays with topics geared more towards technical aspects of brewing. It was also brought up about having more technical information provided during the monthly general member meetings rather than have a separate meeting.  It was decided that both methods would be tried to see how they went and how well they were attended.
  • By-law changes:
    • Changes will be sent out to the board via email for approval. Changes include position modifications and change in dues for new members.
  • 2013 Goals
    • Club Goals
      • Increase volunteer presence in the community
        • Designated driver program
        • Soup kitchen
      • Increase competition participation
        • Reward first timers
        • Reward winners
        • Develop a competition calendar
        • Acknowledge members publicly who enter and/or win competitions
        • Apply to host a club-only competition
        • Calhan
        • Oktoberfest at Sky Sox
      • Increase education
        • Instructional brewdays
        • Buddy brew
      • Increase online social activity/interaction
        • Better/easier to use forums
      • Create an online store
        • Club gear
        • Group buy
      • Expand BJCP pool
      • Create a club library
      • Have a new member who is a new brewer on the board.
    • Board Goals
      • Track board actions, have follow-up
      • Club calendar
      • Regular newsletter
      • Accept online payments
      • Document board activities
      • Develop a list of contacts (outside the club)
        • Who to talk to organize different events
      • Increase club sponsorship
      • Affiliate with a charity
      • Track membership better
      • Develop a budget with a better understanding of income and expenses

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