November 7, 2012

BBoPP Board Meeting Minutes 6 Nov 2012

by flanders
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The BBoPP officers met at the Space Foundation’s Area 51 lounge.  Attendance: Flanders, Dino, Johnny, Cryptid, Safe, Lefty, Landy, Hardly, Ator and Klutes.  Thanks to Ator and Kelly for hosting and the intersting tour after.


1.  Elections.  Will be held at the next meeting.  Flanders will solicit interest.  Landy is interested in taking treasurer duties from Johnny.  Lefty will take over education on his own.  Safe is interested in taking VP/Sec duties from Dino.  Flanders has some guys interested in joining the IT team.  Klutes will take on membership and Brian Paradisi will assist Hardly on the social scene.  Per our bylaws, a voice vote is required to affirm non-competed positions. We will need to modify the by-laws, since we want to have additional roles, or turn a position into a committee


2.  Raffle.  The big ticket auction hasn’t showed value so we need to reconsider for 2013.  We will buy a $25 gift certificate to Pikes Peak to augment the member’s donations and run a unified raffle.  We will also sell tickets to the Bru-Bus raffle at the next meeting.


3.  Firkin Queue.  Need to re-energize.


4.  Bru-Bus.  Still have 20 tix to sell.  Open to all at $50.  May cancel if we don’t get better participation.


5.  Paypal.  The account should be tied to the treasurer’s duties.


6.  ACBF.  Great event; awaiting or $500 charitable donation.


7.  Pints.  See attached.  (Does anyone have a soft copy of what was handed out?)


8.  Budget.  See atch 2.  (Ned, Please send what you showed last night.)


9.  Treasurer’s Report.  Nov balance $1478 but we just spent $909 for bowling shirts and $50 for T-Bone tip (minor cash flow challenged). Note: one shirt has no name and will be part of the raffle on the Bus Trip


10.  Christmas Party.  Need update from ParadisiBrew.


11.  O’Dell Comp.  Will be held at our next meeting.  Winners will be taken up on the Bru-Bus for picking the winner for a big brew session.  Cryptid will organize.


12.  AF Football Game Tailgate 2013 Season.  Hardly says we can get $5 group tix.


13.  Upcoming Event.  ‘Uncork the Season’ Nov 10 at the Calhan fairgrounds.  Biere de Rock…


14  Grain buy: $2,332.57


15  Key topics for next general mbr ship mtg



Pints program needs to be briefed

Beer Bus hard push to sell out

O’dell competition

Christmas party


16: Postponed:


Discussion on making the club a 501 © (3 or 7 ) until after the new year


17: Permissions:


Ned will change all elected officers permissions in Meet-up


18: Need to make “generic” e-mail addresses aimed at positions such as BBoPP VP…

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