September 5, 2012

BBoPP Board Meeting Minutes 4 Sep 2012

by flanders
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BBoPP Board Meeting Minutes 4 Sep 2012 Pikes Peak Brewery

BBoPP Board Meeting Minutes 4 Sep 2012

Attendees: Flanders, Dino, Lefty, Axe, Johnny, Hardly, Safe, Landy, Sidney Patin, Cryptid & Ator (late)

Start/Finish: 1815-2015

Flanders provided feedback from the Rockhopper’s meeting that Safe, Dino and he attended. Basically they are a smaller group more focused on the technical aspects of brewing. There was some discussion of adding a technical brief to our meetings or perhaps hosting at a brew day or early at places like Pikes Peak (sub-committee off-line). Also we should copy their idea of allowing members to submit beers for BJCP feedback at the next month’s meeting.

Proposed locations for future board & membership meetings. We’d like to have a rotating pool of approved locations six months out. All — please send ideas to Flanders to draft a schedule. Include Thunder & Buttons.

Membership meeting will begin promptly at 6:15 PM, work through the agenda, then raffle and socializing.

New raffle format. Besides our normal raffle, we (Johnny) will procure a Hatch Cover gift certificate
for ‘big ticket’ $5/entry raffle. Johnny will have separate tickets for this raffle. We may include member donations in this category if they are worthy.

Name Tags – Johnny will have adhesive tags to be worn by all. Flanders will investigate using clear plastic pinned versions that could accommodate business cards.

Front Range Homebrewers Guild – Flanders will investigate as a means to deconflict future comps and vet issues like treating judges better.

Sponsorships. All board members should be on the lookout for potential sponsors. We will list them on our website and membership cards in return for a discount.

BF Meadery workday. Flanders offered the opportunity for them to solicit help at our meeting or provide something we can read for them. I see this as a BBoPP public service.

Zymurgy Institute pitch. Dr Jimmy will be allotted five minutes to talk about his classes at our next meeting. He’s also interested in our judging capability.

Charities. The beer bus raffle will continue to benefit the Nick Brunetti fund. All are asked to submit other nominations to Flanders. So far, Wounded Warriors and American Cancer Society have been mentioned.

Firkin List. Who’s on Firk? Johnny will negotiate with the Hatch Cover to bring the Firki with a $1 tip jar. Pints for Landy’s suggestion!

Treasurer’s Report (Johnny) $1142 on hand. $215 income from raffle & memberships. $140 outlay for steward/judging kit. Salida profit still uncertain; Hardly is double checking the numbers.

Budget. Flanders and Dino will develop a yearly budget for planning purposes.

MeetUp. The board approved ~ $150 outlay for the use of MeetUp. Ator will organize a sub-group to figure out the various tools we have at our disposal and how new members can sign up. Johnny needs a FB tutorial. We need to organize groups for judges and stewards.

O’Dell Comp. Idea is to have the winner announced at our beer bus visit. Cryptid will deliver our club nominations to them in time for them to judge.

ACBF will be held Nov 3 at the Freedom Financial Center. We will judge commercial beers for them. Dino has lead for now with Cryptid and Safe. Randy Dipner will solicit vols at our next meeting. We need to see the judging space so we can decide on one round or two – that will drive the vol #s

Corporate Status. BBoPP is currently a LLC. In order to better protect our officers, our legal rep, Sidney Patin, recommended we be a 501c(7). He volunteered to do it for free (normally $1K). Pints for Sid! Sub-group: Flanders, Sid, Johnny, Landy.

Pints. Landy will submit nominations to Flanders, will brief at the next meeting and will propose a redemption strategy.

Beer Bus. Will depart PP at 0900 for 1100 arrival at New Belgium, O Dells, Coopersmith (food), and a fourth location. Members will vote on an additional location at the 11 Sep meeting: CB Potts, Equinox, Ft Collins, Pateras Creek and Funkwerks/Crooked Stave Hardly will call all to ensure they’re willing to host.

Christmas Party. Johnny is working with Crystal Rose (near Steaksmiths on Academy) as our primary location. The target date is Dec 8, then Dec 1, then whatever we can reserve. 56 Ring is our backup location. Safe is beginning to look a bit Claus-like.

Bulk Buys. Lefty agreed to organize a limited style buy as long as no one else tries to horn in. Pints for Lefty!

RMB. Nothing we can do about stiffing us on the ProAm. All agreed no formal BBoPP events for RMB. Individual members are encouraged to frequent on their own. (This info is carpool classified.)

OktoberFest at Sky Sox Stadium. Safe was asked if we could judge commercial beers at this event. Flanders is investigating.

Open requisitions for other club positions. The good news is the club is growing. The bad news is that it requires a lot more work. All are encouraged to solicit support from membership with an eye towards them taking over your duties. Brew Bros Rule!

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