August 2016 Meeting Minutes

6:00 – Scheduled start

6:10 – Education segment – Yeast – Chris Nelson – Link to the Presentation: Yeast+Essentials+Boulder+2016

6:30 – Meeting Agenda – as follows


  1. EPCF recap (Elizabeth)
  1. Salida recap
    1. Tom Heath from the board attended, great fest approx. 20-25 people camping
    2. Apology to the club for how this was handled this year
      1. Ensure potties for next year
      2. Plan further in advance, get food and ticketing for zencart nailed down before June
    3. Does anyone have outstanding items or expenses?
      1. None mentioned.
    4. Membership Status (Tom)
      1. See Tom to get your membership cards!
      2. No more PayPal payments will be accepted. Costing extra money.
      3. New process: on request for membership the waiver is sent via private message in Meetup to get them to fill out the waiver form. This must be sent back to membership coordinator before approval and 30 day trial can begin.
      4. Testing this – anyone else in the club having issues with meetup?
    5. BJCP Judging Exam (tasting)
      1. Held on Sunday the 7th of August at Cogstone Brewing Co.
      2. There were 11 candidates who took the exam
        1. 2 were already ranked and were trying for higher scores and 9 new hopefuls
        2. Colorado Springs had 4 candidates: G2, Ryan Martz, Anthony Bruno and Eric Bauer
      3. Marc would like to host the next training classes at Cogstone on Tuesday nights in early 2017 (they are closed on Tuesdays)
    6. Treasurer Report (Safe)



New Business

  1. Status on Bulk Grain Buy – still under   Expect an update at Sept. meeting.
  2. PAFB 2017 competition prep (Pete)
    1. Fest planned for Feb 17th.
    2. Judging dates and times coming soon.
    3. Pete bringing sign-up sheet to August General Meeting
  3. Possible Cider Buy
    1. Look for details via meetup once we get some quotes and details on supply
  4. Upcoming Club elections – November
    1. what positions will be vacant
      1. IT –
      2. Treasurer – Ray running for that
      3. Vice President –
      4. Social Event coordinator –
      5. Secretary –
      6. President – Josh running for that
  1. Education – Greg
  2. Membership – Tom
  3. Comp Coordinator – Greg
  4. Equipment Steward – Big Bob
  1. example : Secretary – Move minutes along / publish and share, publish newsletter with info for members. Collects articles / reports from boards for newsletter.
  2. John – looking in bylaws to confirm other roles / descriptions of duties
  1. 501c3 impact on roles/positions
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Chairman of the board is one of the above 4, as selected by the board
    6. Non-voting positions like: at-large(2), social/events, IT, education, membership, competition coordinator, etc
  1. Desire to purchase a printer/scanner combo to use at competitions to scan scoresheets and save on postage. Estimated cost : < $150.  Approved by board.  John (Safe) to procure.
  2. Beer Friday for August is at Fossil Aug 26th
  3. Beer Friday for September will be at Iron Bird
  4. One Last thing: Iron Brewer –
    1. Two ingredients – selected by the board – Maple and anything that starts with B…bacon, blueberries, bourbon, get creative!
    2. No limitation on style – Beers only, no ciders
    3. Judging held at November meeting
    4. Brew in a team of two, or sign up as individual and get paired.
    5. Goal of having everyone paired by Sept. 1st
    6. Meetup event to go up after this meeting
    7. Pints Report
      Anthony Bruno 6 Glass, Pin (4)
      Barb McGee 8 Growler Koozie, Pin (8)
      Claire Ramos 5 Glass, Pin (4)
      Don Douglas 4 Glass, Pin (4)
      Elizabeth Hartmann 6 Glass, Pin (4)
      John “Safe” Haven 101 Pin (96)
      Todd Horak 8 Growler Koozie, Pin (8)

Meeting Adjourned – 8:00pm

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