August 31, 2012

August 2012 Monthly General Membership Meeting Minutes

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Download a PDF form of these minutes here: BBoPP Minutes 1 Aug 2012

August 2012 Monthly General Membership Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:03PM by AxeBrew who was filling in for the club president, ShoeBrew.

Axe: Welcomed all and thanked our host, Paul Cutter, and 56 Ring.  He then regretfully announced the resignation of Shoe from the President position – out of town work was preventing him from carrying out the duties of his office. Following the club charter, the executive board appointed Ned Brush FlandersBrew to complete the term. The club voted unanimously to support the executive committee appointment.

Flanders: This club is an outstanding place to learn about brewing beer and/or improve your skills. He graciously accepted the appointment and looks forward to carrying out the vision of the club.

Axe: Future executive board meetings will be posted on the BBoPP webpage– all are invited

Johnny:  Treasury Report: Johnny:  Treasury Report: Current total is $1,096. We had $1,206 before Salida and went down to $871. Since then we have added funds due to raffle ticket sales and membership dues from a few new members. Our balance is now nearly $1,100 and we may have $100 – $150 left over from Salida to add.  Bowling shirts will be sold at cost, $45 (printing is $38) and two will be give to past presidents Johnny Brew and Shoebrew. Note: G2Brew has

approximately $100 worth of receipts from the County Fair (he is building our competition kit).


Axe: Salida Report; Thanks to Michelle, Landy, Justin and the team!  Winner of the 1st Annual Homebrewer’s Rendezvous was Ben Wilder – he was awarded the fine trophy made by our own LeftyBrew.  Big Bob Grey came in second followed by RockHopper Brian Keas.

Michelle: $20 was the right fee to charge; biggest problem was the lack of e-mail addresses – the board will work a solution. We had approximately 85 adults and 15-20 kids; thanks to all that helped – pints to all.

Michelle: Beer Bus is November 17th.  Destination is Ft Collins and trip will visit four breweries: O’Dell’s, Coopersmith’s (where we will eat – last year we had a great buffet), New Belgium and a fourth location.  We are looking for nominations (C.B. and Potts/Big Horn Brewery, Equinox Brewing, Fort Collins Brewery, Funkwerks, Pateros Creek Brewing received so far). The selection of the fourth location will be at the 11 September general meeting. Cost will be $50 to members and $60 to non-members. Tickets will be offered to members first and after the member’s cutoff date, then to non-members (families and friends). Remember, some of the profit is used to establish/maintain the Nicholas Brunetti scholarship fund – last year $1,000 was given for the first time.

Axe: El Paso County Fair: This was our inaugural El Paso County Fair event and it went very well. We got a bit of a late start, but it was a nice, small event and will be a great place to groom skills for larger events. Thanks to Dino (organizer), Safe Haven (competition coordinator), G2Brew (head steward), Axe (head judge) and to all the stewards, sorters and judges who made this a success. We will be doing this next year too. Ribbons were given to those winners who were present.

Axe: Club member participation: We need more members to participate in events either as staff, judges or to enter beers…

Axe: All Colorado Beer Fest: The Brew Brothers have been asked to judge the micro competition. Members of the executive committee are meeting with the organizers later this month to discuss the details. The event is November 3rd at the Freedom Financial event center on north Nevada St.

Landy: Pints: Recognition for members doing special acts or helping in the community. List at attachment.

Axe & Cryptid: Club only competition: Porters will be judged on August 2nd. Get them to Cryptid before the 7PM judging starts. The next style beer in the club only competition is Light Hybrids and Axe will be hosting a brewing day for these on August 18th – details to follow separately. A section of the club website is dedicated to upcoming competitions — styles and dates are posted – look at it often, it is a great resource for the club.

Axe: Upcoming events: The beer bus, competitions: State Fair Foam Fest (drop beers by the 11th at Old West), Ft Collins and another – Meads only, November Club only will be old ales (they will be young ales if you haven’t brewed already), August 4th Craft Lager Fest, 11 August Colorado Springs Beer Fest, many more – look at the clubs web site

Johnny: BarBQue (Aug 11):   His cul-de-sac will be blocked off and a big barbeque will happen. All BBs are invited. An under lying theme is the Ribs Competition – Johnny said no one can beat his ribs – there will be a blind taste testing of ribs prepared – bring yours and find out who’s is best

Landy; Beers made by Walking: On August 11th beers will be brewed at Pikes Peak Brewery for the items collected by members walking the Colorado country side and using items Mother Nature provided.

New Business:

Firkin List: The current firkin list is contained in the June 2012 minutes.  Flanders is next and would like to offer the firkin to the next person in line.  However, if no one steps forward, he will brew the next firkin.

The next general membership meeting will be September 11th, location TBD.

The next executive board meeting will be September 4th  Location still being coordinated.

The meeting was adorned at7:45 and raffles were to begin at 8:00PM.

Paul opened the store for sales and gave BBs a 5% discount on all items purchased and cigars were lit —



BBoPP Pints

Mike “Lefty” McGuckian – trophy
John Garbett – beer, jockey box
Ian Rea – beer
Klute – beer
Sidney Patin – beer
Nick Murry – beer
John Landreman – beer, jockey box, port-a-poties
Mike “Axe” Bordick – beer
Ned & Amanda Bruch – beer, organizer
David & Teresa Valier – beer, kitchen
Bob Gray – beer
Justin Carpenter – beer, organizer
Bryan Paradisi – beer, jockey box
Eric Melby – beer
Lou & Marlene Preller – beer, kitchen
Larry Fish – beer
James Schenck – beer
Scott Buchholz – beer
Rod & Linda Musarra – kitchen
Joe & Cat Maculuso – kitchen
Michele Gandy – kitchen
Ben Wilder – beer

El Paso County Fair
Dino – organizer, sorting
John “Safe” Haven – Comp. Coordinator, sorting, judge
Mike “Axe” Bordick – Judge
Matt Kupferer – judge
Mike “Lefty” McGuckian – judge
Scott Buchholz – judge
Pete Skrebetz judge
Steven “Ator” Shelton – judge
Michelle — sorting
Gary Gagnon – steward, sorting
Denise Haven – steward
Josh Howard – steward

Craft Lager Fest
Mike “Axe” Bordick – judging
Isaac Grindeland – judging
John Landreman – judging

Gnarly Barley
John “Safe” Haven – judging


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