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Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak

 Homebrew Club By-Laws

(Updated by Ned Brush 1/23/2013)


SECTION 1 – Name

The name of this organization is the Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak, hereinafter referred to as BBoPP.

SECTION 2 – Purpose

The purpose of BBoPP is to promote the appreciation, quality and variety of home and craft beer, through education and practical experience, and to encourage personal responsibility when using alcoholic beverages.  Our mission is to have fun promoting the art and knowledge of home brewing.


SECTION 1 – Qualifications

Membership is open to any adult 21 years old or older with an interest in brewing beer.  Members are expected to attend at least one meeting and/or event per year as well as be actively brewing beer, mead, wine, cider, etc.  BBoPP officers have the authority to accept or reject any potential applicant.

SECTION 2 – Membership Application

All members must complete the attached application form and sign the liability waiver.

SECTION 3 – Membership Term

The term of membership is January to December, one full calendar year. Dues for new members are paid in January for the full year or in June or September as prorated (see Dues).  Existing members are expected to pay dues for the full year regardless of when their membership is renewed.

SECTION 4 – Revocation or Suspension

Membership may be revoked or suspended by a unanimous vote of the club officers for the following reasons:

1.  Failure to pay dues.

2.  Failure to abide by club by-laws.

3.  Conduct that is detrimental to the image or objectives of BBoPP.

SECTION 5 – Voting

Each regular member in good standing shall, after three months membership, have the right to vote on all matters that come before the membership.  A member in good standing is one who is current in dues and not under suspension.  A quorum is defined as 25% of the total membership.  All votes are majority rule unless otherwise stated.

SECTION 6 – Reinstatement

Paying, in full, any annual dues owed can reinstate any member whose membership has been revoked or suspended due to the failure of paying their dues. Any member whose membership was revoked or suspended for other reasons may be reinstated by a unanimous officer vote.

SECTION 7 – Participation

Members are expected to take an active role in club meetings and events. Members are expected to help with the set-up, maintenance, and/or clean-up of a club meeting or event.

SECTION 8 – Member Guests

Members are welcome to bring guests to club meetings. Members may bring guests to club events. Some events may require the guest to pay a fee for materials used or consumed.  A guest may only come to two meetings and/or one event before dues are required.  Members will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.


SECTION 1 – Annual Dues

The annual membership fee (subject to yearly membership review) is $20, plus electronic transfer fees, (see Electronic Fees) per person per year with an additional $5, plus electronic fees, for a spouse or significant other (known as a family membership).  Annual dues are prorated for new members on June 1 for $10, plus electronic fees, for an individual or $12.50, plus electronic fees, for a family membership. Annual dues are prorated for new members on September 1 for $5, plus electronic fees, for an individual or $7, plus electronic fees, for a family membership.  The amount of annual membership dues will be determined at the November meeting and can be changed with a majority vote of a quorum of the officers.  Renewing members have until March 31st of each year to renew their membership.

SECTION 2 – Electronic Fees

Electronic services such as Paypal or Amazon Payments may be employed to aid in accepting membership dues. These services can be adopted or revoked at any time by a majority vote of a quorum the officers.  Upon adoption, all membership dues, included non-electronic payments, will include the cost of the fee, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

SECTION 3 – Dues Table


Renewing member (no lapse)

New Member (or lapsed more than one year)

Jan – April

June – Aug

Sept – Dec

Single (S)

Family (F)





































SECTION 1 – Position and Duties

President– shall preside over all club meetings and events, establish meeting places, times and prepare meeting agendas. The president shall establish committees for special projects or events and delegate club business or tasks to appropriate officers or members. The president has spending authority of $100 not to exceed $500 in any one year.

Vice President – will handle all of the duties and responsibilities of the president in his/her absence and will be granted all the powers of the president when in that role. The VP will be the parliamentarian during club meetings and will be a signatory on the club bank account.

Secretary – will record and maintain a file of all necessary club correspondence & records and a maintain a copy of the current club by-laws

Treasurer – will collect dues & revenues and prepare a financial summary to be presented at the request of the club president. The Treasurer and President and/or VP will be signatories on the club bank account.

Membership – will assure that all members or guests attending meetings or events have filled out and signed a copy of the attached liability waver.  The membership coordinator will maintain a current membership list and issue membership cards.

Special Events Coordinator – will be responsible for the coordination of the club social events and for recruiting volunteers, selecting venues and all other details necessary for a successful event. Other events, including but not limited to fund-raising activities and educational trips as agreed upon by the club officers may also be the responsibility of the Special Events Coordinator or may be delegated to another board member.  This position will leverage club information technology.

Competition Coordinator — will be responsible for coordination of the Peterson AFB Homebrew Competition and other events as delegated by the officers.

Education Director — will be responsible for Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) education & certification and serve as the club representative to the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) if deemed necessary.  This position is responsible for the overall education program for the club.

Information Technology Director – will be responsible for the design and maintenance of  the BBoPP website and related social media. This person will be specially appointed by the president for their skill in web design and maintenance rather than elected by the membership.

Immediate Past President – will serve in an advisory role and will have voting privileges.

Location Coordinator – will be responsible for working with venues for club business.  This position is responsible for coordinating meeting dates with various locations and generally maintaining good relationships with those businesses.  This position should coordinate recommendations with the President.  This is a non-voting position.

Pints Coordinator – will be responsible for maintaining our “Pints” reward system.  This included maintaining the list of rewarded participants and handling goods to be rewarded.  This is a non-voting position.

Equipment Custodianwill be an assigned position to maintain control of club assets. This will be a non-voting position

Members-at-largewill be nominated by either club members or by members of the executive committee and will be approved by a majority vote of the elected officers. The intent of the At Large positions is to groom future officers by familiarizing them with the board process and by utilizing their talents to lead key initiatives important to the club and to the executive committee. Member-at-large is a non-voting position.

SECTION 2 – Committees

Committees have been established to alleviate the workload for the Competition Coordinator, the Information Technology Director, and the Special Events Coordinator.  These committees are allowed to add up to two additional members to help out and share responsibilities.  It is up to the board member in charge of each respective area to be responsible for the committee.  The additional committee members are non-voting positions.


SECTION 1 – Elections

The election of club officers will take place once a year by ballot of the club members before the November meeting. Nominations for officers will be accepted until the established deadline. Contested positions will be determined by a majority vote of the members. Uncontested positions will be confirmed by voice vote of those members present at the November meeting. To be eligible to vote, a member must be in good standing for the preceding three months.

SECTION 2 – Term

Terms of office shall be for 12 months beginning January 1st and ending December 31st. Newly elected officers will become trainees immediately following the elections and will remain trainees until their term starts. Trainees will attend all officer-related functions in order to learn the responsibilities of the position they are going to fill. Outgoing officers will serve as mentors for the newly elected officers.

SECTION 3 – Vacancies

When a vacancy exists, the remaining club officers will appoint a new officer within 30 days. A majority vote by members attending the following monthly meeting will confirm the replacement.

SECTION 4 – Removal of an Officer

If an officer has not performed or is unable to perform their duties, any of the officers can request a vote by the club members to remove the officer.  At the next meeting, a 2/3 majority vote of the members present can remove the officer from office.

SECTION 5 – Restrictions

Officers can serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same position.  After that they are allowed to serve in other positions.  Excepting president, officers are allowed to hold up to two positions if elected but will be limited to one vote.


SECTION 1 – Member Meetings

Regular meetings will be held and will be conducted according to Robert’s Rule of Order The elected and appointed officers will meet regularly to plan the monthly activities of the club and to vote on items requiring a quorum of officers. Minutes will be recorded.

SECTION 2 – Special Meetings

The President may call special meetings at any time with sufficient advance notice to the members and officers.  Minutes will be recorded.

SECTION 3 – Club Events

Club events will be held throughout the year as determined by the officers. Members who would like to create or host a club event should confer with the officers for approval.


SECTION 1 – Liability

Individual members of  BBoPP shall not be personally liable for the debts or obligations of  BBoPP, nor shall BBoPP be liable for the actions of any member outside the guidelines of the club by-laws.

SECTION 2 – Values

Honesty and respect are values that are required of all members. No member shall steal, be violent, or engage in behavior that is disrespectful to others or themselves.


In the unlikely event that the BBoPP dissolves all club equipment will be auctioned and the treasury will be donated to the American Homebrewers Association (AHA).


SECTION 1 – Changes

The officers can modify the By-Laws at any time with a majority vote of the officers.

SECTION 2 – Effective Date

These By-Laws become effective when approved by the officers.


BBoPP Membership Application

*Required Information-

*Birth date (for age verification):  
Home Address:

City, State, Zip:  
Home Phone Number:  
Work Phone Number:  
*E-Mail Address:  

Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risk

I understand my participation in this group is entirely voluntary. I understand that participation in club activities involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages and this consumption may affect my perception and reactions. I understand the laws regarding drinking and driving, and I will not drive or otherwise operate a motor vehicle while impaired. I accept sole responsibility and I assume all risk for my own conduct, behavior and actions. I further agree to indemnify and defend, release and forever hold harmless the Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak home brewing club, its officers, volunteers and individual members from any claims by myself or claims by others for responsibility or liability arising from my conduct, behavior and actions which may lead to property damage or injury to myself or others. This release shall bind all my heirs, successors and assigns and insurers as allowed by law.


I acknowledge that I am of legal drinking age in the State of Colorado and I have read and understand that this application for membership to the Brew Brothers of Pikes Peak is also a liability waiver and an assumption of risk. I have read and understand the club by-laws and I agree to abide by the bylaws, including any changes to the bylaws which may be made in the future.


Signature: ______________________________   Date: __________


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