July 21, 2017

Winners at the County Fair

by ehartman
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We wrapped up the sixth annual El Paso County Fair Homebrew Competition Saturday with an awards ceremony on the fairgrounds in Calhan, which included a special appearance from County Commissioner Stan VanderWerf, who spoke briefly about his efforts to establish a brewing school in Colorado Springs.

This year, we expanded the competition to include California Commons, sessionable British beers like bitters, and some summery historical styles like gose. All 86 entries were judged to the 2015 BJCP style guidelines on July 11 at WineCrafters Homebrew Supply. More than 25 volunteers, most of them Brew Brothers members, donated their time to help make the competition a success — thank you!

Nearly a quarter of this year’s homebrew entries were submitted by Brew Brothers members, and members won a third of the awards! Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all the winners, including our own John Landreman, Don Douglas and Gary Gagnon! Here’s a full list of the winning beers and brewers:

Lagers and Pilsners

  1. Michael Bradford – Ostinato (Munich Helles)
  2. Joshua Boldt – Malty Sanchez (Vienna Lager)
  3. Andrew Mclean – (American Lager)

Hybrid Beers

  1. Gary Gagnon – Kolsch For The Masses (Kolsch)
  2. Trevor Lovato – Waimea Cali Common (California Common)
  3. Ken Williams – Shield Maiden (Blonde Ale)

Wheat & Rye Beers

  1. John Landreman – (Weissbier)
  2. Joshua Bowen – Summer Weiss (Weissbier)
  3. Gary Gagnon – Dunkel My Pony (Dunkels Weissbier)

Belgium Ales

  1. Connor Kelly – Orono Saison (Saison)
  2. John Landreman – Franco-Belgian Saison (Saison)
  3. Mark Pennick – (Belgian Pale Ale)

British/Commonwealth Beers

  1. John Landreman – Willamette ESB (Strong Bitter)
  2. Don Douglas – Golden Crown (English Golden Ale)
  3. Don Douglas – Archibald The Grim (Scottish Light)

Pale Ales

  1. Jacob Lindholm – The “Originals” Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
  2. Yuri Sanchez – SUBURBIA ( American IPA)
  3. Will Trail – Return Of Space MONKey (Belgian IPA)

Specialty Beers

  1. Jacob Lindholm – Jake’s Vanilla Porter (Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer)
  2. Mark Pennick – Tremendous Wall Green Chili Agave Wheat (Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer)
  3. Nicholas Berlingieri – Mallory Square Summer Ale (Fruit Beer)



February 22, 2017

Pictures from the 2017 Peterson AFB Homebrew Festival and Awards Ceremony

by jhoward
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January 11, 2017

The 12th Annual Peterson Air Force Base Homebrew Competition is Coming Soon!

by jhoward
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September 6, 2016

2016 Iron Brewer pairings

by Specious
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The Iron Brewer challenge is based on the TV show “Iron Chef”. The board has selected the “Secret” ingredients and pairs of homebrewers will compete to see who can brew the best beer using…. *drumroll*…. Maple and *anything* that starts with the letter ‘B’! This means bourbon, bacon, brown sugar, butter(?), or anything you can think of to make your beer the best.

We’ll judge the entries at the November meeting so that should leave a fair amount of time to get brewing on this.

Here’s the list for our 2016 Iron Brewer competition, to date:

Iron Brewer Pairs

Mike Madsen Todd Horak
Josh ‘Fester’ Howard Ryan Hannigan
John ‘Safe’ Haven Mike ‘Axe’ Bordick
Chuck Page Dan Powell
Chris Daniel Johns
Stephen ‘Ator’ Shelton Michael
Ray Smith Eric Mitchell
Mark Welte Some guy from Pueblo?
Gary ‘G2″ Gagnon Dave Carpenter

9 teams, so a pretty good sampling.

August 20, 2016

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

by jhoward
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6:00 – Scheduled start

6:10 – Education segment – Yeast – Chris Nelson – Link to the Presentation: Yeast+Essentials+Boulder+2016

6:30 – Meeting Agenda – as follows


  1. EPCF recap (Elizabeth)
  • Presentation at the club meeting. – A couple awards to hand out.  List of club winners; congratulations to them.  See post below for winner list.
  • Short presentation on the numbers.
  • Any member interested in coordinating the El Paso comp next year?
  • Continue comp? – Yes, nice local event. Good training event as well.
  1. Salida recap
    1. Tom Heath from the board attended, great fest approx. 20-25 people camping
    2. Apology to the club for how this was handled this year
      1. Ensure potties for next year
      2. Plan further in advance, get food and ticketing for zencart nailed down before June
    3. Does anyone have outstanding items or expenses?
      1. None mentioned.
    4. Membership Status (Tom)
      1. See Tom to get your membership cards!
      2. No more PayPal payments will be accepted. Costing extra money.
      3. New process: on request for membership the waiver is sent via private message in Meetup to get them to fill out the waiver form. This must be sent back to membership coordinator before approval and 30 day trial can begin.
      4. Testing this – anyone else in the club having issues with meetup?
    5. BJCP Judging Exam (tasting)
      1. Held on Sunday the 7th of August at Cogstone Brewing Co.
      2. There were 11 candidates who took the exam
        1. 2 were already ranked and were trying for higher scores and 9 new hopefuls
        2. Colorado Springs had 4 candidates: G2, Ryan Martz, Anthony Bruno and Eric Bauer
      3. Marc would like to host the next training classes at Cogstone on Tuesday nights in early 2017 (they are closed on Tuesdays)
    6. Treasurer Report (Safe)
  • PayPal: 2433.78
  • Checking: 1983.72
  • Total: $4,417.50
  • All bills paid up at this time.
  • Training expenses – Continuing education – beers for IPA ‘color’ lab. – Approved
  • Anticipated 501c3 expense – $460 total (approx.) – Approved
  • Plan for Petefest Expenses: Posters, etc – Mailing – ~$2-300
  • The board approved giving Cogstone $40 from our “general funds” on top of their expenses for the BJCP training classes as a thank you. The board considers these expenses an investment in better home brewing.


  • 501c3 status (Safe)
    1. Should be done shortly, may see this sent to board to review in next week or two.


New Business

  1. Status on Bulk Grain Buy – still under   Expect an update at Sept. meeting.
  2. PAFB 2017 competition prep (Pete)
    1. Fest planned for Feb 17th.
    2. Judging dates and times coming soon.
    3. Pete bringing sign-up sheet to August General Meeting
  3. Possible Cider Buy
    1. Look for details via meetup once we get some quotes and details on supply
  4. Upcoming Club elections – November
    1. what positions will be vacant
      1. IT –
      2. Treasurer – Ray running for that
      3. Vice President –
      4. Social Event coordinator –
      5. Secretary –
      6. President – Josh running for that
  • Roles still occupied
  1. Education – Greg
  2. Membership – Tom
  3. Comp Coordinator – Greg
  4. Equipment Steward – Big Bob
  • description of roles
  1. example : Secretary – Move minutes along / publish and share, publish newsletter with info for members. Collects articles / reports from boards for newsletter.
  2. John – looking in bylaws to confirm other roles / descriptions of duties
  1. 501c3 impact on roles/positions
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Chairman of the board is one of the above 4, as selected by the board
    6. Non-voting positions like: at-large(2), social/events, IT, education, membership, competition coordinator, etc
  1. Desire to purchase a printer/scanner combo to use at competitions to scan scoresheets and save on postage. Estimated cost : < $150.  Approved by board.  John (Safe) to procure.
  2. Beer Friday for August is at Fossil Aug 26th
  3. Beer Friday for September will be at Iron Bird
  4. One Last thing: Iron Brewer –
    1. Two ingredients – selected by the board – Maple and anything that starts with B…bacon, blueberries, bourbon, get creative!
    2. No limitation on style – Beers only, no ciders
    3. Judging held at November meeting
    4. Brew in a team of two, or sign up as individual and get paired.
    5. Goal of having everyone paired by Sept. 1st
    6. Meetup event to go up after this meeting
    7. Pints Report
      Anthony Bruno 6 Glass, Pin (4)
      Barb McGee 8 Growler Koozie, Pin (8)
      Claire Ramos 5 Glass, Pin (4)
      Don Douglas 4 Glass, Pin (4)
      Elizabeth Hartmann 6 Glass, Pin (4)
      John “Safe” Haven 101 Pin (96)
      Todd Horak 8 Growler Koozie, Pin (8)

Meeting Adjourned – 8:00pm

July 17, 2016

El Paso County Fair Homebrew Competition Winners

by jhoward
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Best of Show

1st  Place Matthew Eckhart


American Wheat Beer

2nd Place Cory Town


American Pale Ale

3rd Place Cody Woodside

Neighborhood Blonde

American Blonde Ale

Category 1: Lagers & Pilsners

1st  Place Patrick Harrison


Czech Premium Pale Lager

2nd Place Pete Skrebetz

Dirty Hippie

Czech Premium Pale Lager

3rd Place Pete Skrebetz

Lakeside Lager

International Pale Lager

Category 2: Light Ales

1st  Place Cody Woodside

Neighborhood Blonde

American Blonde Ale

2nd Place Gary Gagnon

Kolsch V.2


3rd Place John Wiley & Elizabeth Hartman

Craft Conditioned Kolsch


Category 3: Pale Ales

1st  Place Cory Town


American Pale Ale

2nd Place Mark Wingert


Specialty IPA

3rd Place Dave Haas

Zombie Dust

American IPA

Category 4: Wheat Beers

1st  Place Matthew Eckhart


American Wheat Beer

2nd Place Madison Child

I Get Wheat

American Wheat Beer

3rd Place Kirk Blackmon

Beat the Heat Hefeweizen


Category 5: Belgian Ales

1st  Place Jim Adams

Shoo Fly Saison


2nd Place Joshua Fogg

SS Saison II


3rd Place Nick Zeman

WITtier Than You


Category 6: Specialty Beers

1st  Place Michael Bostwick

Joshua’s Tree

Fruit Beer

2nd Place Josh Howard

Blackberry Pie

Fruit Beer

3rd Place Joshua Walton

Raspberry Wheat

Fruit Beer


Results can also be found on Brewscene under the Awards tab.


March 14, 2016

February 2016 Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes February 2016

Location: Peaks & Pines, host: Paul Viera

Next Board Meeting:: February 10, 2016, 1800, Triple S Brewing Company

Next General Meeting: February 15, 2016, 1800, Cogstone Brewery

  • Education Segment: Rich will present: Hops Rhizomes: What Works.

Meeting Agenda

1.  Peterson Fest

  • Need to identify steps necessary to make The Peterson Homebrew Fest be successful.
  • After Action Review needed in February after the festival .
    • Cogstone Brewery was suggested
  • Feedback session with Curtis following the event.
  • Pete will lead Peterson AFV Homebrew Contest next year.
  • Dave Carpenter will staff a Brew Brother’s Table at the Festival with banner and magazines.
  • Nick will meet with Marc Malenfant regarding the Pete Fest Comp

2. El Paso County Fair Homebrew Contest

  • Rich Moch will lead the El Paso Homebrew Contest.
  • Don Douglas, with Gary’s assistance, will take over Head Steward for El Paso,

3. Problems getting information to Club Members, Judges, Local Businesses:

  • MeetUp is not the answer to our communications needs
  • We need to use e-mail and phone calls.

4. Grain Buy

  • Not enough orders
  • Postpone for another month.
  • Resolved at Feb, 15 meeting; 40+ orders

5. Roundtable

  • Gary Gagnon and Tom Heath added as At large board members
  • Colorado Beer Cup Coalition
    • Brian & Safe
    • Schedule between El Paso and All Colorado Competitions
  • Should we continue using Brew Scene to manage entries in homebrew competitions?
    • The brewers have complained that it is difficult to enter their beers in Brew Scene
    • Reggie Beer Competition Manager RCBM is an online homebrew competition management software system by Nelson Crowle.
    • The Peak to Peak competition is using RCBM, Biere de Rock is using Brew Scene.
    • RCBM is easier to handle but there are concerns whether the developer is dependable.
    • Nick and John are waiting for an evaluation of RCBM and BS by a local homebrew club to be completed.
  • Discussed whether we should have a fund raiser event to raise money to help pay the way for a WWII Pearl Harbor survivor to return to Hawaii for the 70th

February 23, 2016

Peterson Homebrew Fest 2016 is in the Books!

by jhoward
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Thanks to everyone who made the 2016 Peterson AFB Homebrew Fest a success this year!

All the volunteers who put in many hours sorting beers, collecting beers, collecting donations, and organizing the judging, festival, and events deserve a big round of applause!  Big thanks to Curtis and the staff at the Peterson AFB Club for hosting this great event year after year as well!

The winners of the Homebrew competition can be found on Brewscene HERE. Click on Awards to see the results.  *Editors note:  There was consolidation of categories to the NHC standards, and this resulted in most of the homebrew results being pushed down the list from where you might expect them, just keep scrolling

As always, we want to thank our generous sponsors, with special thanks to the following companies who provided some fantastic prizes for our top winners:


Spike Brewing Provided a Stainless Steel Kettle with valve and thermometer
Hobby Beverage provided a Minibrew conical fermenter
SS Brewing Technology provided a stainless fermenter
Brewing Tools provided a Beer Box system








Cheers to our sponsors!  Click on the images above to check out their sites!

Here’s a few photos from the festival, featuring a few of the talented homebrewers who took home some hardware at the fest:

20160219_191017 20160219_191050 20160219_191424 20160219_191457 20160219_191545 20160219_191913 20160219_192750 20160219_194308














We also want to take a moment to recognize our own John Landreman who was celebrating 20 years as a National ranked BJCP judge!

CakeLandy & Cake

October 17, 2015

October Member’s Meeting Tech Talk Recap – Nano Mashing with Crystal Malts

by jhoward
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Our Tech Talk for October centered around a horizontal tasting of 5 varieties of Crystal Malt:
Crystal 10, Crystal 40, Crystal 80, British Crystal (70/80), Crystal 140
Grist will be 3% specialty grain (single crystal variety) with 97% Maris Otter base grain
100g of grain mashed with 250mL of 169*F (76.2*C) (target temp being 154*F(68*C))
Mikayla Mueller talked about the advantages of using Crystal malts, differences between Crystal varieties, why they are good for English style Porters (this month’s Brew Buddy beer).

March 3, 2015

Photo Recap from the 2015 PAFB Homebrew Festival